Edita wears | Bare Soul

Edita sun
Edita hair flip
Edita back
Edita Zara jacket, Twenty8Twelve jumper, Republic shorts, New look brogues
Old tree
The endless park
Tree Line
Location: London, UK
Good Friday – the perfectly tranquil day. I woke up feeling that the time has come to put no product in my hair and minimal on my face (the sun was out so SPF was a must), as for over two years my head was covered in all sorts of cosmetics, a break was indeed necessary.

The warm background that Richmond Park was kind enough to offer in the photographs added the sense of playfulness, youthfulness (I was mistaken for a 15 year old minutes before the shots were taken) and this particular carelessness that appears every time the sun is out.

I was wearing a Twenty8Twelve jumper, Zara leather jacket, Republic cut offs, New Look brogues and my favourite Isis silver necklace.

(Images were taken by me & the boyf, he’s getting good.)

Travel photos | Malta Photodiary

The Maltese falcon jewellery shop
Maltese architecture
Edita Looking into the sea
Malta Caves
Malta shore
Edita the sea
Edita a quick swim
Edita small street
Edita brogues and socks
Edita going away
Malta at night by Juliette Melton
Edita in silk dress by Edun, jacket by Alice+Olivia
3 takes of the Edun Dress
Location: Malta

Some time ago I had a dream about my friend that I visited in Malta last year. Getting ready for what to expect from a very small piece of land, I researched the fashion scene on the island (evidence here). Having read my initial post my friend laughed saying that the only fashion I’d find on the island were pantie-less partygoers in mini dresses. I refused to believe her and as we stocked up on vouchers for free booze (Malta’s generous like that), I turned off my fashion radar and just danced. So no, I did not see any flashing.

Albeit my visit being brief, I believe I had a taste of almost all things Maltese, starting with mouth-watering pastries, finishing with the badass bus drivers on Soviet-like buses. It’s my understanding that those have been replaced by newer models. Pitty, they had so much character in them.

Somewhere inbetween serpentine cliff roads and racing near-death buses, I understood what Malta reminded me of – Alexandria mixed with my trusty friend, Vilnius. It’s perfectly Mediterranean yet with a very specific charm. One of its charms¬† was that friend of mine that I visited whom I miss dearly right now.

Sea images: swiming costume by Yamamay. Sight seeing images: vest by All Saints, military jacket by Alice+Olivia, denim shorts by Republic, brogues by New Look, logo bag by DKNY. Evening images: dress by Edun, Gino Ventori red pumps (also known as the first pair of heels that I ever purchased).

(The Malta at night image is by Juliette Melton)