UPDATE Pret-a-reporter gets the The Versatile Blogger Award

Edyta strong eye make up

Apparently I ain’t that bad. The lovely Jeannie Richard have nominated pret-a-reporter with The Versatile Blogger Award. Does this mean that from now on I can get away with inserting “award-winning” every time I refer to my blog?

I highly recommend having a read through their blog and maybe snatching an item of jewellery, carefully crafted by them. The pieces there are pretty awesome.

Meanwhile, I am supposed to reveal 7 random things about myself and spread the award further on, i.e nominate more awesome bloggers.

So here is some good trivial information about yours truly:

  • Most of the time I have very intense and strange dreams. I died in my dreams twice.
  • According to the monthly and yearly Zodiac, I am a Capricorn and a Dragon.
  • My music of choice is rock and metal. I listen to trance only in summer.
  • I only use Chanel lipstick as it is the sole brand that does not give me an allergy.
  • I have been with the boyf for 7 years now.
  • My style icon is my mother.
  • Other men that I love include Humphrey Bogart, Clint Eastwood as well as Stephen King.

I nominate my absolute faves (Jeannie Richard – the award is going back at ya as well – no matter if it’s playing by the the rules or not), in no particular order:

You can follow the tag and reveal 7 random things about yourselves or just snatch the award.

In the image I am wearing one of my favourite make up looks – Cleopatra eyes – as well as classic pearl earrings. If you’d like to know how to achieve this look – let me know, I’ll cook up a tutorial.

UPDATE (10, May, 2011)

The absolutely amazing Jeannie Richard  has awoken pret-a-reporter from its hibernation and put a smile on my face with one more award.

One simply must follow, read and LOVE this amazing and creative blog. It’s one of pret-a-reporter’s faves.

I am in the middle of moving home, so I will start blogging again very soon.

Until we meet again.

Edita wears | Yamamoto Exhibition V&A: Wearing the unwearable

Edita in Yohji Yamamoto
Location: London, UK

I attended the Yohji Yamamoto fashion and design exhibition at the V&A last year which took my breath away seen as it had a workshop which allowed visitors to try on some of Yamamoto’s kooky designs. The reason I came back to show you this image was the fact that one of his fashion lines, Y3, which is a collaboration with Adidas, has some great stylish sportswear. I am about to commence a series of boxing classes and yes, looking good while kicking the crap out of the bait is of vast significance to me.

Edita wears | White shirt and knitwear: Buttoned up

Edita in Hugo Boss Cardigan in Westfield
Edita in DKNY bag, yellow flats and Twenty8Twelve jeans
Shirt Necklace colar
Westfields Stratford
Location: London, UK

Despite looking and feeling like someone chewed me and spat me out, my good friend Svetlana managed to find a good angle in a hopeless situation that was my appearance.

Saved by the fact that I decided to inject some vibrant colours into my look, the outfit turned out to be quite good, no doubt the background that is Wesfield in Stratford, East London, added some fashion credentials to that.

Some of you might have noticed my absence from the blogging sphere – this is because I was fighting off a viral infection that dominated pretty much everything in my life for a brief period of time. I must report that I am well now.

Here I am wearing a Calvin Klein Collection button-up shirt, Hugo Boss orange knitted crop cardigan, Twenty8Twelve jeans, Sinéquanone classic trench, DKNY shoulder bag and New Look yellow flats that I got 5 years ago.