Edita reports | Dinner with Nick Clegg

Edita at WCOP diner with Nick Clegg 1Edita at WCOP diner with Nick Clegg 7Edita at WCOP diner with Nick Clegg 3Edita at WCOP diner with Nick Clegg 6Edita at WCOP diner with Nick Clegg 5Edita at WCOP diner with Nick Clegg 4Edita at WCOP diner with Nick Clegg 2Edita at WCOP diner with Nick Clegg

Sometimes life gets random. Sometimes you are expected to play by the rules. And sometimes you abide. In your own way.

Omar Mansoor and I as well as the crew at London Fashion International were all invited by the World Congress of Overseas Pakistanis to a dinner with Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Lord President of the Council. It was a political evening which actually ended up being not about politics at all.

There I was sitting at a Pakistani event, speaking Russian to not one, not two but three other people who randomly sat at our table. The event was a celebration of a very unique element that not many cities other than London can offer – diversity in all of its glory.

While the event was televised, that did not put any pressure on our fashion crew. We were there listening to Nick Clegg’s speech and then chatting away, helping ourselves to the stunning cuisine that we were served with. It was SO GOOD. No, I feel I need to underline this a bit more: it was SO GOOD.

So when we weren’t papped from every side in front of the projectors on stage, we were having a laugh, cracking joke after joke and just generally having having a ball.

Speaking of balls – the dress code was gowns and suits. I abided. I came in a suit. I was the only woman in a manly suit. Best. Silent. Rebellion. Ever.

Hey Dietrich, give me five!

GIVEAWAY | Metamorphoza veiled beanie

Edita-in-Metamorphoza-beannieEdita in Metamorphoza beannie 2
It’s getting colder this time of the year which is a great excuse to wear an awesome hat! Don’t have an awesome hat? Well, come and get one!

The lovely team at Metamorphoza – whom I have worked with before on my Grecian Gothic look – have decided to give you all a chance to win one of their signature designs, the veiled beanie.

Veiled beanie giveaway

To win this veiled beanie all you need to do is enter the giveaway via Rafflecopter! You will need to follow Metamorphoza on Twitter as well as follow pret-a-reporter on Twitter. If you want one extra entry, you can also follow edita_pretareporter on Instagram. Sweet.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1. You can only submit your entry once but it consists of 3 steps or 5 entries: The mandatory steps are to follow Metamorphoza & elozovska on Twitter, optional is to follow edita_pretareporter on Instagram.
2. One winner will be selected and informed shortly after the competition ends via email and Twitter.
3. The “Prize” is one beanie hat from Metamorphoza.
4. The “Prize” is non-transferable and there are no cash alternatives.
5. Competition is open worldwide, there is no age restriction, you don’t have to be a blogger to enter.

I’d like to thank Metamorphoza for this brilliant opportunity.

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Edita reports | #LFW: Antipodium Spring Summer 2015

Edita at LFW Antipodium SS 2015 4Edita at LFW Antipodium SS 2015Edita at LFW Antipodium SS 2015 8Edita at LFW Antipodium SS 2015 5Edita at LFW Antipodium SS 2015 6Edita at LFW Antipodium SS 2015 12Edita at LFW Antipodium SS 2015 10Edita at LFW Antipodium SS 2015 9Edita at LFW Antipodium SS 2015 7
Edita at LFW Antipodium SS 2015 11Edita at LFW Antipodium SS 2015 1Edita at LFW Antipodium SS 2015 2

Heavily influenced by the 90s, especially by Kylie’s cult classic Confide in Me (which I heard eerily playing in the background during the presentation), this is an Antipodium collection that hits all the right notes, Mariah Carey style.

The theme of the presentation was Women on a Mission, after all the 90s are synonymous with Girl Power where anything goes when it comes to fashion. Ugly-fugly shoes? Yes. Oversized everything? Tick. Too skimpy? Please. Glam? Help yourself. Shoulder pads? Why not. Super stilettos? Give me more. This definitely echoes in Antipodium’s collection. From silver nail varnish to heroin chic hair and very 90s cuts and styling, I started to feel I was in the middle of Queen’s You Don’t Fool Me video. I felt twelve again.

This doesn’t mean that the collection looked totally vintage, in fact it didn’t at all. The inspiration was evident but the choice of fabrics, prints and colours all screamed modern, current, 2015.

Antipodium’s collection was not the only one that had the 90s lurking in its shadows – this era has cemented its place in street style as well as an array of high street collections this fall. Nobody is wondering why, it’s a period of time we just can’t let go of. I can still recite all the lyrics to Wannabe and chances are I am in the majority.