Edita reports | In Conversation With Nadja Swarovski
From wedding gowns encrusted in blinding crystals to skulls with added bling by Alexander McQueen, Swarovski...
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Edita wears | The Statement Coat
Faux Fur Coat: c/o Biba (via House of Fraser), Jeans: H&M, Glasses: Dolce & Gabbana, Backpack: Moschino,...
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Edita reports | Bath Fashion Museum
One of the reasons I wanted to visit Bath was its famous Fashion Museum. I generally love visiting museums...
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Edita wears | Aquae Sulis
Dress: Vintage, Jacket: Vero Milano, Pumps: London Rebel, Scarf: Valentino Images by Ahmed FayedBath...
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Edita reports | Dismaland
I am going to sadden the wonderful artists behind Dismaland. Although calculated to disappoint, be disproved...
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Edita reads | The Art of Bedouin Jewellery By Heather Colyer Ross
  This book is an amazing profile of Saudi Arabia and the jewellery pieces specific to each region...
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