Ancient Egyptian vs Egyptian Revival Jewellery
It's now been a hundred years since Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922. This event...
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The Language of Flowers in Jewellery
The language of flowers Keen on learning a new language? If yes, you're in the right place. But wait,...
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Jewellery Ghost Stories
Jewellery is designed to shine, sparkle brightly and reflect the light. But it has a dark side. Scrolling...
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Black Gemstones: Jet, Obsidian, Onyx and Shungite
Often skirted around, black gemstones have got themselves some mixed reviews. Some see them as cursed,...
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Religious Jewellery: Appreciation or Appropriation?
Religion today Religion. It's an ideology where our spiritual selves should rise above our physical and...
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Edita travels | Things To Do in Reykjavik
Reykjavik is very different to any European city I’ve visited. It comes with Nordic charm and brutalist...
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Kitsch History Through Jewellery - Barbiecore
Barbiecore, Boujees and Baddies: Jewellery in Aesthetics and Kitsch
Amethyst Gemstone Jewellery Rings
Five Things to Know About Amethyst
Aquamarine: The Gem of Mermaids, Seers and Sailors
Jewellery blogger in silver jewellery
Jewellery Mistakes We’re All Guilty Of
Yemeni Silver, Yemeni Silver Choker, Bedouin Silver
Yemeni Silver Jewellery: An Art Lost
The History of Gold, Why we love Gold Jewellery
Under the Spell of Gold: Are We Gold's Fools?
Turquoise Symbolism, Turquoise in Myths and Legends
Turquoise in Legends and Lore
Difference between jade and nephrite
Jade and Nephrite: What Is The Difference?
Influencer in Asos, antique figa pendant, emerald jewellery, turquoise pendant
The Figa Sign in Jewellery
Edita in Antalya Turkey wearing Ghost London Dress and Opal Jewellery 9
Tips on Jewellery Shopping In Turkey