Edita reports | Shooting At Schwarzkopf

Edita at Schwarzkopf Press Day 2014 2Edita at Schwarzkopf Press Day 2014 1Edita at Schwarzkopf Press Day 2014Edita at Schwarzkopf Press Day 2014 5Edita at Schwarzkopf Press Day 2014 8Edita at Schwarzkopf Press Day 2014 6Edita at Schwarzkopf Press Day 2014 4Edita at Schwarzkopf Press Day 2014 7
It’s been three years that I have been meaning to go to a Schwarzkopf event. Three years, I tell ya. But there was always some lame circumstance that prevented me from doing so. But yesterday I said enough is enough, I am GOING and not even Batman can stop me.

With no superheroes (or villains) in sight, I made it to the swanky Ice Tank studio where the event took place. Surrounded by beautifully smelling products and the awesome Schwarzkopf team, my schwarzkopfincation begun. The celebrity hair stylist that revamped my hair has done such a brilliant job in… 15 minutes. I mean come on, what he did in 15 always takes me more than an hour and tends to look so extremely half-assed. All he used was the new Schwarzkopf BB hair cream and transformed my meh-I-give-up ‘do into Claudia Schiffer-like bouncy volume. Thanks Matthew!

The products that will land in stores are very exciting too. Think a collaboration with the aforementioned supermodel, Claudia. So blondes, get ready to have fun with Schwarzkopf. Meanwhile, the got2be child brand rolls out some cool stuff for owners of super fine hair (aka me) with their weightless (Oil-licious) & volumising (Rise’n Shine) products. Those who love shocking hair colours will have some new jaw-droppers to choose from; Ultra Brights Turquoise Temptation is one of them. Celebs love it, so it’s destined for success. Festival goers, stock up now.

Dear Schwarzkopf team, thank you for having me and treating me with a really GRANDIOSE goody bag. You made me fall in love with with hair again!

Edita on beauty | Chanel Lipsticks

Chanel lipsticksEdita-in-Chanel-lipsticks-row

Chanel lipsticks in (from left to right): Superstition, Charisma, Adventure, Flirt, Enjouee, Sari d’Eau, Fatale and Ballet Russe
Images by: Agata Bosak

I don’t often do beauty-based posts because while some people are Grammar Nazis, I am a Beauty Brand Bully and CAN hurt feelings of those who deem themselves to be precious. I know only ONE person in this world who is as adamant as I about what she would never slap on her face and that is my mother. I would knowingly distribute goods of brands that I somehow got but would never use to others or just chuck ’em away. The reason of my brutal and ruthless ways? An allergy that I have acquired by being open-minded about beauty brands. Never again. Ever.

Alas, there is only one lipstick brand that I have come across that does not trigger a ridiculous allergy on my lips. That is Chanel. This is why I stock up on this brand’s shades like crazy. I often get asked about the lipstick shades I wear in my outfit posts – so I assumed this post will sum them up quite nicely. I came to realise that lipstick is one of the best and cheapest outfit accessories out there, as every shade can alter an outfit completely; from oh you look cute to OMG THIS IS AWESOME.

Do you have a favourite lipstick shade?

Edita in Chanel lipsticks

Edita on beauty | Miracle Oil

Edita in necklace by Marina Rozen, YSL ringEdita-in-necklace-by-Marina-Rozen,-YSL-ring.Edita and Miracle Oil
Necklace: Marina Rozen, Ring: YSL, Miracle Oil: Derma Eraze – Lorena Oberg (gifted)
Images: Agata Bosak

Imagine you go shopping for face cream or serum. And all of the sudden, having read about all of the sulphates, parabens and, my personal favourite that I avoid like the plague, sodium laureth sulfate (this baby may cause cancer – it is used as a foaming ingredient – oh yeah, go find it listed on your shampoo bottle), you have this wild over-powering urge: Oh man, I want something natural. Oh hello there oils. What can be more natural than that?

The truth is that if you get the wrong one, you may find that Walt and Jesse Pinkman’s blue meth has more natural ingredients. So don’t be fooled by colours or fragrances.

If you think about it logically, no oil in the world will smell like Hugo Boss’ latest romantic scent. They will have a very specific strong aroma which is not always considered to be pleasant.

Personally, I use oils for skin sparingly and only locally on my face. But hair – oh yes, give me more. As someone who has long hair, split or dry ends can often be problematic. It’s also unfortunate but long hair is prone to looking dull and tired. But that’s why hair oils exist.

While the Miracle Oil was originally designed to treat skin, leave it to me to rebel and use it on hair as a mask instead. And it does wonders. Soft, smooth, silky, vibrant and healthy hair.
The ingredients? Read them on the bottle: Olive, avocado and almond oil. Not a sulfate in sight.

This amazing product was sent to me by the lovely Lorena Oberg who specialises in complex and advanced skin and beauty treatments. If this lady gave it the green light, I am pointing all of the Las Vegas style arrows in the world to it. Can’t wait to visit her salon, skin lab and beauty centre!

By the way, find out all the harmful chemicals in cosmetics in this article.

Edita reports | Edita For Special K

Edita for Special K billboardEdita for Special K 2Edita-for-Special-K-3Edita-for-Special-K-4Edita for Special K 5Edita for Special K 6Edita for Special K 7Edita for Special K 8Edita for Special K 9Special K Group shot

Blouse: Ralph Lauren, Skirt: Karen Millen, Vest: Rabbit Fur (used to be my mum’s before I confiscated it), Boots: Prada
Images by Joel Anderson and Simon Tang

I have always loved the message behind Special K, this sort of girl power without being overly Spice Girls circa the 90s. That also reflects in the brand’s advertising – just look at the last image with those beautiful girls I had the pleasure of meeting during the Special K advertisement shoot. They all are so different and gorgeous.

I can talk all I want about eating cereal: yeah – it is the healthy option, yeah – it makes you lose weight (providing you indulged in full builder’s breakfasts on a daily basis before). The fact is that I support the positive philosophy Special K stands for – love yourself, no ifs, buts or maybes. Oh, and I also strongly support the colour red, we all should wear it more often, particularly on the lips.

Thanks to all the lovely people at Special K and fellow bloggers for making it an inspiring event to remember. It’s not the first time Kellogg’s and I collaborate – view the previous project here.