Jewellery Mistakes We’re All Guilty Of
Jewellery materials are often something we’re quite unsure of. We keep our pieces in boxes and cases,...
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Memento Mori: The Dark Allure of Mourning Jewellery
Who is the first person you think of when someone says mourning jewellery? It's Queen Victoria, isn't...
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Why Cubic Zirconia Makes so Many Cringe?
Crystals? Those sound lovely and shiny, add the name Swarovski, and I know those crystals will be flawless....
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Jade and Nephrite: What Is The Difference?
Emeralds are cool, but what if you're feeling a pastel vibe right now? Oh hi, jade just entered the chat....
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Green Gemstones That Are Not Emerald
When it comes to the colour green, emeralds are stealing the show. They are truly beautiful, so we let...
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Five Things to Know About Lapis Lazuli
If Cleopatra saw the lapis lazuli earrings I am wearing in the photos here, she'd be angry at me. To...
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