Edita reports | #LFW: Jean-Pierre Braganza Spring Summer 2015

Edita at LFW JP Braganza 2015 4Edita at LFW JP Braganza 2015Edita at LFW JP Braganza 2015 8Edita at LFW JP Braganza 2015 5Edita at LFW JP Braganza 2015 1Edita at LFW JP Braganza 2015 6Edita at LFW JP Braganza 2015 3Edita at LFW JP Braganza 2015 7Edita at LFW JP Braganza 2015 2Edita at LFW JP Braganza 2015 9

There’s a reason why Jean Pierre Braganza’s Architectonic collection got me thinking about budgets. Or budgeting. Or saving up. Let me tell you why. You won’t hear me gushing about how dreamy, fantastic, lovely the collection was – I am sure you can go to other sources for your fashion fluff fix – I’ve got something else to say.

While a whole myriad of collections is styled in a way that’s aspirational, aka I need to lose weight to pull it off/ I need to be 20 years younger/ I need to wear strong make up to make this look good/other, this is not what Braganza’s Spring Summer 2015 collection is about. None of that. In fact, it is ready to be picked up, put on and pulled off whatever your age, weather, amount of makeup or lack of it altogether.

You’ve probably clocked that one of my favourite pieces was the oversized biker jacket that I plastered in the first picture – a beautiful piece, perfectly proportionate and, dare I say this, practical.

However there was a particular piece that made me want to pull my pennies together and document this process on an excel spreadsheet – and this is the feather and crystal encrusted classic cut jacket. A piece that’s functional and effortlessly street style snap worthy and yes, I would like to add it to my wishlist. Or any list.

Some of my favourite elements of the collection were strong statement shoulders as well as motorbike tire print tops – I can’t remember heavy machinery looking this good. In case of robot apocalypse, break glass and release the Braganza terminator, who will wear a mix of futuristic 80s and extremely structured attire. Oh and also is a six feet tall stunning woman. She will be back.

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Edita reports | #LFW: On the runway at London Fashion International

Edita at London Fashion International LFW

As I look back on this season’s London Fashion International event… All I can think of is how did I get here? It seems like it was only yesterday I sat comfortably on the front row exchanging jokes with Pandemonia and Meet the Russian’s Marinika, only to find that this season I am standing right in front of them all. In a couture red dress, looking into the lights, cameras and general nothingness. I found myself as close as I could get to London Fashion Week, closer than the pit, closer than the frow.

Last season I talked the talk, this season I walked the walk.

London based couture designer, Omar Mansoor, asked me to take part in his Mata Hari inspired showcase this London Fashion Week. First thinking that he was clearly joking I said sure, of course, why not. Only he was not joking. I was in.

When I was a mere spectator, London Fashion International came across to me as an extremely well organised event, even though I had no idea what was happening backstage at the time. I was shocked to find out how calm, on time and on point the backstage was. The chaos was simply not there. Instead, the models, designers, makeup artists, hair dressers and organisers were having a blast – all thanks to the firm grip of creative director Geoff Cox.

Some of you might be wondering how it feels to be on the catwalk. Some of you might have walked it before. It’s almost like a flu jab – it’s over even before you think it’s over. Those three seconds you get to bask in the glory in front of the cameras are just that – three seconds. Then again, those three seconds are enough to get you hooked on fashion for the rest of your life.

Edita at London Fashion International LFW backstage 2Edita-at-London-Fashion-InternationalEdita at London Fashion International LFW backstage 1Edita-at-London-Fashion-International 1Edita at London Fashion International LFW backstageOmar Mansoor collectionOmar MansoorEdita at London Fashion International LFW 1Edita at London Fashion International LFW 2

Other Omar Mansoor looks London Fashion International LFW backstage

Omar Mansoor’s inspiration for the haute couture collection is the mysterious Mata Hari.

I’d like to thank Omar Mansoor for getting me on the runway, Geoff Cox for believing in me, the sweetest makeup artist in history Allana Brinkmann for putting my face on, the awesome hair crew, and most definitely the gorgeous models who made me feel just like one of them. I almost believed it for a second. Almost.


Images by Herkus Photography and Rebecca Cofie

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Edita reports | Boots: 28 Ways to Give it a Go

Edita at the Boots 28 ways to give it a goEdita at the Boots 28 ways to give it a go 1Edita at the Boots 28 ways to give it a go  3Edita at the Boots 28 ways to give it a go 6Edita at the Boots 28 ways to give it a go  5Edita at the Boots 28 ways to give it a go 4Edita at the Boots 28 ways to give it a go 7Edita at the Boots 28 ways to give it a go 2Edita at the Boots 28 ways to give it a go 8

Oh just go crazy, Enzo, I said to celebrity hair stylist, Enzo Volpe. And he did. There were two reasons I said this. One was because I started to feel cocooned in my current hair style and the other… Well, I just like saying ENZO. ENZOOOO. E-N-Z-O.

Hair trends for 2015 by Enzo Volpe

When I asked him for a quick trend recap for the coming season, Enzo had only one word to amplify – product. Too much, too little or just right – the emphasis this season is on product in all of its hybrid forms. It’s not only hair spray, hair mousse and a serum that should be piled up in your bathroom, make some space for salt water sprays, glossy finish spritzes, shine sprays, thickening treatments and the rest of the paraphernalia. Unfinished, textured, matt are the keywords for this season’s hair. Think grunge, middle partings, backcombs for volume (please refer to images for evidence) and the I-didn’t-wash-my-hair-today looks – they are all in.

Five make up hacks by Vanessa Guallar

I loved catching up with Vanessa. A make up artist with a crazy amount of Fashion Week experiences throughout the years as well as celebrity work, Vanessa has a make up hack for EVERYTHING.

  1. On applying eye-liner: Start with the line outside the eye on both sides – this will ensure your cat eye is symmetrical.
  2. On getting the perfect lipstick colour: Too dark? Mix it with concealer for a lighter pastel effect.
  3. On faux effect eye lashes: Place the eye lash curler as close to the lid as possible and close it once for roughly ten seconds, and then quickly open and close it three times. Instant faux lashes effect without the faux – au naturel, darling.
  4. On visually losing 5 kilos in 5 minutes: If contouring is done right, your face will look refreshed as your bone structure is highlighted thus giving that beautiful slimming effect.
  5. On eye shadow hacks: Browns, golds and bronze eye shadows are your friends. The make green eyes look greener, blues bluer and add more depth to brown eyes.

I decided to post my pre-event image and my post one. 30 minutes (yes, that’s all it took) of professional hair and make up escalated my look from meh, it’s Wednesday to on Wednesdays, not only do I wear pink, but I am also Grace Jones, or Nefertiti. And that’s what Boots’ 28 Ways to Give it a Go campaign is all about – doing something daring, even if only takes a short while. Think experimenting with colour, rocking a bold lipstick or eye make up, working an OTT hairdo – or doing all of the above… Like I did.

Thank you for having me over yesterday, Boots. I felt like Carrie Bradshaw on steroids, running through London looking next level fabulous mixed with extreme happiness over my hairdo thanks to Enzo. ENZO. ENZOOOO. E-N-Z-O.

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