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Edita reports | Cosmo Blog Awards 2012

Edita during the Cosmo blog awards outfitEdita during the Cosmo blog awards TarrotEdita during the Cosmo blog awards 2Edita during the Cosmo blog awards 1Edita during the Cosmo blog awards 3Edita during the Cosmo blog awards 4Edita during the Cosmo blog awards 5Edita during the Cosmo blog awards
Dress: T Alexander Wang, Earrings: AmraPali, Clutch: Erva, Shoes: Schuh, Fur Throw: Grandma’s, Nails: Nail Rock 3D (gifted by Fashion Union)

As every fashion blogger, I love an excuse to dress up. The Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards provided just the opportunity. The ceremony was filled with joyous moments; some vicarious, some victorious. I congratulate all who won – there were 35,000 hopefuls who registered and there were only 170 who were lucky enough to attend this grandiose event.

I am thrilled to have met amazing talent – I am a keen reader of My African Closet, Hitched and Ditched, Beauty and Baggage, The Glossy Guide, Milk and Honey, London’s Closet, Lulu Trixabelle and all the other beautiful, savvy, stylish and inspirational bloggers that I had the chance to speak to.

A special wink and smize goes to the wonderful Amelie Appleby, the fun fortune teller, who told me what lies ahead. Apparently everything will just keep getting better.

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35 thoughts on “Edita reports | Cosmo Blog Awards 2012”

  1. I am so proud of you for getting nominated!!! You look absolutely gorgeous and in my eyes you have the best fashion blog and you’re my winner 🙂 by the way, I love the source for the fur throw! Go grandma!!!

  2. You look amazing and congrats o being one of the top contenders out of thousands! I voted for you! and yay for even more good things coming your way!!

    p.s. thank you for the lovely comment- I am blushing at the fact that its your favorite look from me! 🙂

  3. Oooooh, you look so great, and you seem to have had such a great night! I’m so happy for you :). Those earrings are amazing – but of course, would you ever wear something that is not amazing?
    O, and don’t worry – your prize is coming. I just want to do it well, not just quick and sloppy.

    1. Jeannie –
      Thanks so much, those earrings were the reason I got loads of compliments… and the reason why I didn’t hear half of them 😀 😀 Smile and nod, smile and nod! xx

  4. OMg, you got to go!?!? Soo lucky that you got chosen out of the 35,000 batach! But you certainly deserved it:)

    Looks like the even was a lot of fun!!! And you look soo gorgeous, love that color of your dress and how chic are those earrings?!!?!? Where did you get them????


    Wishing you all the

    1. Cinzieeee – you are a sweetheart! I was lucky enough to be shortlisted and attend the event – I couldn’t believe it! It was such an honour,.. and an excuse to dress up up up 😉 xx

  5. You know the gypsy didn’t have to read the cards or look in to future to tell you that you’ll be the star of the party…She could have considered the history and looked in to present! 🙂

    1. I am stunned to see nice words on this blog coming from you, my dear friend! It means so much – thank you. And look at you shooting wisdoms in the comment section 😀 You are true blue!

  6. Прекрасный образ звезды! Мои поздравления с номинацией! Едита, ты лучше всех, твой стиль безупречен!

  7. Maheen Irfan Ghani

    This look is so fabulous, Edita! I always love all your formal outfits. The fur and the earrings really complete the look 🙂

    1. Sarah –
      That’s very kind of you – I am not sure I am qualified enough to be a beauty blogger, I simply always treated my face as a blank canvas and let my imagination to do the rest 🙂

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