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Edita reports | Edita For Special K

Edita for Special K billboardEdita for Special K 2Edita-for-Special-K-3Edita-for-Special-K-4Edita for Special K 5Edita for Special K 6Edita for Special K 7Edita for Special K 8Edita for Special K 9Special K Group shot

Blouse: Ralph Lauren, Skirt: Karen Millen, Vest: Rabbit Fur (used to be my mum’s before I confiscated it), Boots: Prada
Images by Joel Anderson and Simon Tang

I have always loved the message behind Special K, this sort of girl power without being overly Spice Girls circa the 90s. That also reflects in the brand’s advertising – just look at the last image with those beautiful girls I had the pleasure of meeting during the Special K advertisement shoot. They all are so different and gorgeous.

I can talk all I want about eating cereal: yeah – it is the healthy option, yeah – it makes you lose weight (providing you indulged in full builder’s breakfasts on a daily basis before). The fact is that I support the positive philosophy Special K stands for – love yourself, no ifs, buts or maybes. Oh, and I also strongly support the colour red, we all should wear it more often, particularly on the lips.

Thanks to all the lovely people at Special K and fellow bloggers for making it an inspiring event to remember. It’s not the first time Kellogg’s and I collaborate – view the previous project here.

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66 thoughts on “Edita reports | Edita For Special K”

  1. Woah, that’s so cool :)! I agree with you – red is a great colour. Right now, I’m especially fond of the oxblood, wine red like colours. You look great with that flashy red lipstick. *applause* x

        1. To be honest, there is quite a spectrum of the colour red – I am sure you will find the perfect shade soon. If not – come to London, we’ll pick one for ya together 😉 x

  2. Все коментарии излишни! Вся фотосессия говорит за себя: шик, блеск, красота!!! А по отношению к тебе, Эдиточка, должна тебе признаться, я очень горжусь, что у меня дочь – такое сокровище! Я очень тебя люблю.

  3. What a brilliant way to enter the new year! Congratulations on the brilliant new project Edita my dear…and you look stunning in red! Red is definitely a positive colour to have…especially when entering a new year. One of the reasons why it is traditional to wear red during Chinese New year…it is a colour of celebration. Here’s wishing you a blessed 2013!
    May x

  4. Looks like it was a fun event!!! You look fab on the billboard!!! So did everyone get a chance to be on the billboard? or how does it work? And i couldn’t agree more, we can always inject a little “red” into our daily lives, no matter in what form. Red lippies are perfect for you as i can see:)

    Have a great weekend!

    p.s. i just clicked onto your previous Kellogg’s collaboration – love the Philip Armstrong scarf!


  5. OMG!!! This is so awesome!! Congrats Edita! I would probable jump up and scream if I saw you on an ad in the mall or in NYC somewhere! Yay!! ANd I love your message and think Special K is doing a great job with their female empowerment branding.

  6. the interesting is, that so many men don’t like skinny women actually. I lost my weight to size 8 and all my friends are very critical of it. you need to eat healthy, but a few pounds does not make a big difference, as you can see. they called me “hunger hook” ;P
    beautiful photos <3

    Greetings from Berlin

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