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Edita reports | Edita Meets Miinto

Edita interview at Miinto

I was thrilled to be invited for an interview at the miinto towers. I love speaking about what I do as a blogger and encourage others (You, yes You) to kick off their own style outlets. This is how my interviewer, the lovely Faye Craig, started her article:

“Pret-a-Reporter explores Edita’s world of fashion, inviting us into her eclectic closet with an array of gorgeous photography and some even more so beautiful outfits. Ms. Lozovska also heralds from Lithuania, and currently works as a business journalist so it is no question her wardrobe brings a contemporary mix of styles from a variety of different climes and walks of life. On the Pret-a-Reporter journey we see through her eyes, absorbing her experiments, musings and thoughts. In short, Pret-a-Reporter simply inspires us. We were therefore extremely lucky to meet and have Edita at miinto HQ for an exclusive photoshoot and interview.”

Faye – it was I who was the lucky one to collaborate with miinto. You can read the entire interview here.
Here are three outfits which I styled for the miinto shoot.

1. Business background

Edita in Bedouin jewellery, Skadi Jewellery, Gianfranco Ferre skirt, Dior jacket, Katharine Hamnett silk topEdita-in-Bedouin-jewellery,-Skadi-Jewellery,-Gianfranco-Ferre-skirt,-Dior-jacket,-Katharine-Hamnett-silk-top-1

Necklace: From My Bedouin Jewellery Collection, Leather Cuff: Skadi, Skirt: Gianfranco Ferré, Jacket: Christian Dior, Silk Top: Katharine Hamnett, Sandals: Walter Steiger

T’is true – my professional background is of the technical, analytical variety. It only makes sense for me own a classic black pencil skirt, an item which easily can convert into boring business lady in an eyeblink. Thankfully, I own a few pieces from Skadi, an innovative jewellery brand which can add a touch mystery to absolutely any attire.

Allow me to elaborate. The lace leather designs send off deliciously mixed signals: is she trying to be gothic? Is it more of a fetish accessory? Is that her interpretation of femininity?  You get it – it makes people talk, talk, talk simply because the pieces are a beautiful combination of all of the above. Skadi’s cuff works wonderfully complimenting my favourite onyx and silver choker, allowing the silk top, beige jacket and pencil skirt to take a breather and work as stage curtains, not the actors of the play.

2. Dark matters

Calvin Klein shirt, Temperley leather trousers, Skadi JewelleryCalvin Klein shirt, Temperley leather trousers, Skadi Jewellery 1

Shirt: Calvin Klein, Earrings and Necklace: Skadi, Leather Trousers: Temperley

Yet another outfit where Skadi’s lace-like pieces steal the limelight. I’d like to draw your attention to how effortlessly this look has been taken from basic to gothic with a lick of purple lipstick and the leather detailing.

3. Vintage brocade

Edita in vintage dress

Dress: Vintage

The dress which needs little more. Florals, brocade, glitter, a flapper motif – all in one. It was sewn by my grandmother, given to my mother and then passed on to me. No maybes, ifs or buts. It stands alone.

I’d like to give a special shout out to Rory Gullan, the eagle eye behind the lens at miinto.

Jewellery Influencer in Egyptian Revival Jewellery

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62 thoughts on “Edita reports | Edita Meets Miinto”

  1. Золотце, я очень горжусь тобой, что ты так достойно прошла и прокоментировала это интервью и фотосессию. Ты просто молодец! Каждый образ продуман до мелочей и выглядит безукоризненно. И какое счастье, что у тебя есть Янг!!!

  2. Maheen Irfan Ghani

    you’ve chosen some very interesting looks for this post! they’re all so different from one another and each one reveals a different side of you. i’m especially loving the jewellery

  3. Edita, Edita, how great that you’ve been interviewed! I’m reading it as soon as I’ve commented. But first I need to let go of my enthusiasm here :D. Those outfits – beautiful. I love it how you look ready for work, and yet you do not look boring. You’ve got the ability to mix and match like a pro ;). And seriously – I LOVE leather details, parts and stuff. They make an outfit instantly kick-ass. And that jewelry. My god.

    I need to stop talking, otherwise I’ll never end this comment :). One more corny thing though: You are plain awesomeness, and I’m proud to be your cybertwin!

    1. Astrid, Astrid. Making me blush and all. I absolutely love every comment you leave on my blog – in fact you make blogging worth it. For-real, for-real. Plus, I love corniness, cheesiness… In fact melted cheese on grilled corn could be really good too? I want some now, just to see if it’s good or not.

  4. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone wearing all three attires so elegantly.

    You have really shown that fashion is not all that much of a daunting task, all it takes is bit of imagination and innovation.

  5. That was such a brilliant interview, it was fab to learn a bit more about you and your thoughts on the blogging world 🙂

    The photos are gorgeous too, I love the last one especially. That dress is beautiful and how special that it’s been passed down to you! xxx

  6. Oh goodness, that last dress is absolutely beautiful! Love your blog, I’m now following via Bloglovin, please check out mine if you get the chance! x

  7. Wow, an interview?!??!?!? How exciting!!!! Great photo shoot by the way=D I love the outfit of you in the pencil skirt and that beige jacket is sooo classy!!! Of course it being CD does help a bit too, lol. I like jackets with a bit of differeny structures and cutting sometimes, makes it more interesting.

    I didn’t know you’re a business journalist, pretty and smart?!!?Now i’m jealous, lol

    Great post!!!


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