Edita reads | Paris Street Style: Shoes by Isabelle Thomas And Frederique Veysset

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There was that one time when I was a bit feverish and I told my boyfriend: “Could you please find a zero brain work movie for us to watch? I need some mind numbness.” He then found a really bad Steven Seagal movie. It was epic, it was just what the doctor ordered: an ageing Seagal fighting zombies with some mind blowing special effects including sounds like ha-tschhhhh and d-schhhhh as punches.

Of course, had I been in the mood for some serious cinema I would probably be moaning to you right now about how I wish I could get that one hour of my life back.

That’s how I feel about this book, Paris Street Style: Shoes by Isabelle Thomas and Frederique Veysset. It’s harmless, entertaining and will inspire you to buy a pair of shoes. I was pleasantly surprised to see a few pairs that I already own photographed and serenaded to; including creepers by Underground, Louboutins, Nikes and Walter Steiger heels.

Shoe fans will not put this book down until they read it cover to cover. At least three times. It’s a compelling nonchalant read – that’s how French it is.

The authors don’t shy away from crude phrases and some will make you cringe. The translation from French to English doesn’t always work. I am multilingual, so I could feel the awkward grammar crawl in here and there which I found wildly entertaining.

But enlightenment and education are not the primary reasons one picks this book up. You pick it up because it’s on your coffee table as a bookssessory. Because it is a true relief hearing chic French people voice their disgust at nylon knee high socks that cut into your knees, about feet in dire need of a pedicure and marvel at the fact that the word hooker is used in a fashion book.

I can’t find any faults with this read because I take it for what it is: a subject of envy when seen on my coffee table and a book that solidifies my status as a “fashionista” in front of everyone. It’s a piece of fantastic entertainment. Enjoy the cringes, enjoy the bluntness and enjoy the fashion.

Just like you wouldn’t look for Cubrick’s directorial brilliance in a Seagal movie, don’t look for academic conceptualistic fashion in this book. You will however learn to speak French using shoes only. And that’s a skill worth having.

Thank you to Abrams & Chronicle Books for sending me a copy.



  1. I completely get where you’re coming from. Occasionally, I like to read books that are easy on the eyes, even if they’re not masterpieces or astounding in that way. The illustrations shown in this book are so delicate and beautiful, that would be enough to make it a fabulous coffee-table book, for sure :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  2. I am not convinced that this book is as well written this review, but will take your word for it, as it does sound compelling, as you describe. It will soon be gracing theft stack of books, on my coffee table. Thank you!!! This looks like the best read! ( and the perfect gift for a friend who has “everything ”
    xx, Elle


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