Edita reports | House of Fraser Spring Summer 2015 Press Day

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Dear House of Fraser,
Your press day was a much needed injection into this depressing November greyness. I needed to see some colours other than grey, black and some more grey. And you delivered, HOF, you really did.

With my mood pumped up from a sea of yellows, greens, oranges, turquoises and classic pastels, my senses woke up from hibernation to a vision of pure joy that was Biba’s Spring Summer 2015 offering. That feather turquoise dress is just mind-blowing. It is absolutely stunning.

Speaking of styles that make you smile, cast your eyes at Lulu Guinness’ lipstick clutch. I wonder if there is a plan to have it in different colours. Punchy pink screams summer vibes to me. Another humorous piece that I admire is the Orla Kiely sunflower bag – a summer-time classic. Something an army of women will no doubt carry their city, beach or weekend essentials in this coming season.

Dear House of Fraser,
I’ve been to many brand salad press days, and there is often that one collection that stands out. I am talking about a collection that you would love to pack and take home as you know for a fact that you will wear each and every piece. This time it was definitely Biba that took the spotlight.

Thank you for having me over, HoF!



  1. I skipped this one and now regret that I went somewhere else rather than the HOF event. The clothes look beautiful and I adore the outfit they put for the photo displayed behind one of the bags (the jeans+heels+sequins). x


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