Edita reports | LFW Ccuoco Autumn Winter 2015

Edita at Ccuoco AW 2015 1Edita at Ccuoco AW 2015 2Edita at Ccuoco AW 2015 3Edita at Ccuoco AW 2015 9Edita at Ccuoco AW 2015 7Edita at Ccuoco AW 2015 6Edita at Ccuoco AW 2015 8Edita at Ccuoco AW 2015Edita at Ccuoco AW 2015 4Edita at Ccuoco AW 2015 5

Oh Ccuoco. I have no idea how to pronounce the brand name but I am a keen learner.

When the lights dimmed and I heard the Arabic chill out inspired music, you got my attention.

When I saw the first look in all of its accessorised glory I was hooked on your aesthetic, Ccuoco. I thought to myself – this collection is so me: the goth of the Middle East.

The butter soft leather, the sexy make up, the seriously floaty silks – everything looked perfectly dark and devious.

There was only one thing I regretted in this show; that it ended so quickly. It was just a flicker of light, one of the brightest ones this London Fashion Week.

Ccuoco, your fanbase widens.



  1. I’d never heard of Ccuoco before but now I want to know more!

    P.S. We met at LFW in the cafe on the Saturday :) I checked out your blog when I got home and I just wish I had discovered it before!!



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