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As I would often travel to Lithuania and back, Panele magazine and a bottle of Borjomi mineral water became my airport essentials. Meanwhile, a bottle of champagne with friends and family became my landing in Lithuania essential. That’s how I do Vilnius.

Anyway, it is an honour to see my own face on the pages of Panele magazine. What’s more, I styled a six page fashion editorial you see above and the lovely people of the magazine did a full pager on me as well. Those sweethearts called me a Persian Princess – which is beautiful and cheesy at the same time. A lovely French cheese with raisins. Adore.

If you are in Vilnius, or are a passerby looking for an airport essential, grab a copy. Panele is the best selling magazine in Lithuania. You can’t miss the November issue where I am featured, it’s yellow! And if you see a girl in a yellow coat, carrying a yellow magazine – come say hi, that’s probably me.

Same goes for Page 3 Magazine – if you are in Canada or the US, feel free to grab a copy – I am catwalking there, head to toe in Omar Mansoor’s red couture gown. In the meantime – check out the updated Press page – it has some of my latest interviews and features.




  1. Wow Edita!!! Congrats on the cool magazine features. I love the editorial that you have styled. I would love to buy the magazine. Happy Tuesday pretty. You look like a princess btw 😀



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