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When I was a teen, I remember myself saying: I hope I never see the day when I wake up and can’t go out of the house without any make up on. And I remember living in such fear until I was 18 and wearing minimal to none face paint. But then a switch went off and I have gone vice versa, thinking that I would look like the boogie man if I didn’t slap on three kilos of make up per day. This included me waking up early and forcing myself through a whole make up routine day in and day out. I have since calmed down and found a compromise. I still am unlikely to leave the house bare faced but on a daily basis my make up routine has gone from drama 24/7 to day make up, and if I am actually going out, then some extra evening touch-ups.

The great things that I have learned through my MUST-APPLY-STUFF stage is the perfect liquid eye-liner (imagine applying that daily for three years or so), so I can now do it with my eyes closed. I remember some of you guys asking how is it that I can do a perfect line each time – well, that’s your answer: Years of relentless practice.

In addition, from having worked with a number of different make up artists, it became inevitable that I learned some extra tips and tricks on how to perfect that fresh faced look without making it look like I caked on product after product (when in theory I did cake on product after product). Some extra awesome tricks I’ve learned are from the wonderful ambassador for Seventeen make up, Vanesa Guallar, whom I met at a recent press launch.

Quick make up wins from beauty guru, Vanesa Gualar:

1. Got a tan? Use liquid bronzer on your legs to add that extra glow to the skin. When I met Vanesa, she was living what she preached and her legs looked amazing. She applied 17 bronzer to her legs and they were literally glowing.
2. Apply a bit of highlighter to the cupid’s bow of your lips. It just makes them look fresh and the shape of your lips more defined.
3. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. Vanesa spoke about the mascara wand here. What did you think? Try to apply mascara with a zig zag motion; it adds volume & makes sure all the of lashes get covered.
4. Use a white pencil on the inner eye. Make up artists swear by this, I do it daily. This trick instantly takes you from “didn’t sleep too well” to “I had my beauty sleep and I look fresher than everrrybody-up-in-here”.

Thanks to Vanesa & the team at Seventeen for having me over.



  1. Hah! I saw this post and was thinking why you would need that! Your makeup is always so beautiful and perfectly done.
    When I was 17, I used to put on eyeliner every day as well. It took time, but hey, better to arrive late than to arrive ugly! 😉 The white eyeliner thing is quite a good idea. I mostly use white eye shadow when I look really tired. Often helps to light it all up as well… I hope at least 😉


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