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Edita wears | Isolde

Edita in Ruby Ray, Ethan K and Joubi 1Edita in Ruby Ray, Ethan K and Joubi 5Edita in Ruby Ray, Ethan K and JoubiEdita in Ruby Ray, Ethan K and Joubi 4Edita in Ruby Ray, Ethan K and Joubi 2Edita in Ruby Ray, Ethan K and Joubi 6Edita in Ruby Ray, Ethan K and Joubi 7Edita in Ruby Ray, Ethan K and Joubi 3

Dress: Ruby Ray, Headpiece: Joubi, Clutch: Ethan K, Sandals: Walter Steiger
Dress, headpiece and clutch are a collaboration with Dee Vesali PR
Images by Ahmed Fayed

The tears ran down her face and fell upon her grey gown where ran a little thread of gold, and a thread of gold was twined into her hair.
Joseph Bédier – The Romance of Tristan and Isolde

I didn’t realise this before it slapped me in the face – this is outfit number two that looks much more medieval than modern. The other one is the coin head piece – some of you pointed out that it looked straight from the Game of Thrones set. My first encounter with the Middle Ages was a book called The Romance of Tristan and Isolde. Without even realising it, I’ve put together my vision of Isolde with this Ruby Ray dress, Joubi headpiece and Ethan K clutch – it’s almost like Joseph Bédier told me what to wear.

I wonder what Tristan would say. Probably sing me a serenade and expect a chanson de geste to his great honour in return. It’s a blessing that neither Tristan nor Isolde know that chivalry has long been dead now. The knights have all but gone, only their rusty armour remains and even that’s behind museum glass. The people of the medieval ages were doomed just like they thought they were after all.

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58 thoughts on “Edita wears | Isolde”

  1. You really look like Isolde, it looks great! The headpiece is very beautiful, and I like the combination of purple and dark green on your nails. Interesting outfit. Don’t you feel like a princess when wearing it?

  2. Tristan would love it, I am sure of that!:-) What a beautiful look! Gorgeous dress and lovely snake clutch! Love snake inspired pieces! All your jewelry is stunning! I am a fan of “Tristan et Iseut” too; read it in original, version from XIIIs! 🙂
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