Kooky Couture

Yay! Couture shows where models can potentially break their ankles, legs and spines!

Don’t act like you don’t find it funny/ridiculous/dumb. You do? I personally don’t. As a matter of fact I can feel for them – how embarrassing it must be to take a tumble when you are expected to walk in a fierce, almost panther-like manner while carrying contemporary art on your body.

That’s right. A lot of people find couture elitist, stupidly-expensive and probably unnecessary. However, is buying a piece by Picasso or Monet elitist? It’s a given that it is stupidly-expensive but the price is an accepted fact that no -one seems to question. It is art and it must be appreciated.

But hey – so is couture. Just instead of hanging it in your dining room, you will wear a piece that no one else has. No one. Or of course it may not be wearable, in that case it is an artistic show-piece just like a painting on the wall.

Look at these, for instance. Iris van Herpen‘s latest couture offering scared the life out of me… but I just could not stop looking at it. Perhaps because I really wanted to see if the warms will eat the model. There, I said it.

iris van herpen couture 2012 snake-worm dress

close up-iris-van-herpen-dress-haute-couture-2012

iris-van-herpen-haute-couture-2012-show shoes

Iris Van Herpen, Paris, Haute Couture, Spring Summer, 2012

I’ll just wear a cocktail dress to your party. No, of course I won’t overstage you.

After McQueen’s crab shoe, it seems that weird footwear is forming a pattern in the couture world. Jan Taminiau introduced some different ideas in his Spring-Summer 2012 couture show. Would I try it on? Yes I would. Just to see.

Jantaminiau , Paris, Haute Couture, Spring Summer, 2012

Jan Taminiau Cork Shoes Couture

Oh no, they’re actually pretty comfy, so no worries, we can walk there.


Jan-Taminiau-Haute-Couture-Spring-Summer-2012_ Glitter Pants


I’ll race you there, yeah?

In other couture news – this Givenchy jacket is to die for. Have a look at last year’s more mainstream, so to speak, Haute shows.

(Images: AP and Getty)


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