Edita wears | The Little White Dress

Edita in Bulgari ringSwarovski necklace in Hair Ballerina BunEdita with Erva Clutch, M&S white dress and Bulgari ringBlue Eye Make UpShuh Shoes

Python clutch bag: Erva, Dress: Marks&Spencer, necklace in hair: Swarovski, ring: Bvlgari, pumps: Shuh
Location: London, UK

I felt that flowers in hair got a bit boring, a bit too hippie-like, a bit too kitsch. Which is why I decided to wear one of my most prized possessions instead – the Swarovski necklace that my father got me for my 18th. This instantly added a sort of princess-like aesthetic to a simple little white dress (LWD).
For eye make up I decided to go for blue and yellow eye shadow, black mascara and high shine powder, all from YSL, a brand the products of which are yet to let me down. This was the first time I wore eye shadow sans eye liner, never thought a day like that would come. It did. Hallelujah.



  1. Ahhh, Edita I finally found you again :) Ooooooh, you look absolutely divine honey, the entire outfit, hairstyle and make-up is exquisite!! So beautiful & phenomenally stylish! Also – love your creativity with the necklace-used-as-hair accessory. I like to experiment in similar ways, especially when I can’t find hair accessories that I want in the stores. xoxo :)

    • Exactly! Being able to buy a Swarovski headpiece is surely a blessing – but it is a luxury rather than a necessity. A necklace is much more versatile, as with a bit of imagination it can be used in varying ways – as headpieces, bag accessories or actually what they were meant to be in the first place – necklaces! :)


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