Edita wears | Meanwhile In Lithuania

Top: T Alexander Wang, Trousers: Alice by Temperley
Location: Palanga, Lithuania

You might have noticed my absence from your worlds, dear fellow bloggers, friends and readers. The above images are the reason – I am visiting my home country and will be back shortly. The murky waters of the Baltic sea have been both freezing and pleasing. For too long I have been thinking, conniving, planning, calculating and brainstorming, I started to question my sanity. I took refuge in detaching myself from my entire being and sinking into the mind-numbingly cold water. My feet at least. And then the Temperley trousers went down with the ship.



  1. So that is where you’re from! Of course the pictures are all nice, etc. I’ve asked you this on my blog as well, but you might have missed it and I’m curious: which languages do you speak, my dear Edita? Lithuanian and English and what else?
    Sorry I’m so curious :).

    • Yes, my doll. I am fluent in Lithuanian, English, Polish and Russian! Yourself?

      BTW. When I was a child, I also claimed I was fleunt in Furby language. I wanted a Furby sooo badly and my parents never got me one :(

      • I had a pink Furby :D.
        But believe me, after a while, it gets tiring when such a strange pink creature keeps telling you ‘I’M HUNGRY’…
        You speak Polish and Russian, OMG! I’m going to study those languages next year! πŸ˜€ If I’ve got a question, I’ll just stalk you, deal?
        I speak Dutch, French, English of course, and German.
        But Russian sounds so much more fun…! I’ve got no idea how Lithuanian sounds, actually, but in my head, it sounds really cool! πŸ˜‰

        Now, sorry for the smiley overload, but enthusiasm took over.


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