Orange Sisley skirt | Orange Wednesdays

Edita in Orange

Coming back home to find no broadband connection (a nation-wide outage, in fact) can be soul-destroying. It seems that sometimes when the internet is not working, you forget that the rest of your computer actually is.

Thus I decided to look through some pictures of me and my friends from back in the day when photos were taken for fun rather than getting the perfect profile/blog picture.

This is an outfit picture of me which at the time (2005) did not carry any fashion value until I looked at it from a different, gulp, more mature perspective and thought: it’s orange, it’s fun and it’s frickin’ awesome! (there goes my maturity…)

I remember as if it was yesterday that the skirt (which I to this day wear and love) is by Sisley, the top is by Esprit, the denim jacket is by InWear, the bag was actually a freebie by some cosmetic company – Lancôme, perhaps?

Totally Orange Wednesdays.



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