Edita wears | ASOS Sequin Top


Location: London, UK

Before outrageously dancing the night away, I was fortunate enough to bump into Jamike who is this fine blogger‘s boyfriend. He also happens to be a photographer. There was no going back at that point and the pictures above are fruits of our combined labour (aka me being a total poser and him being nice about it).

I wore a sequin ASOS top, black Polo by Ralph Lauren jeans, ye olde faithful Jasper Conran clutch, silver earrings that the boyf has gotten me from Alexandria, a silver armour ring and patent leather shoes that I snatched from my mum’s wardrobe and declared mine.

Birthday month over. Excuse me while I hibernate until next year.




  1. hahaha! I just love that there was an actual birthday party going on at the same time. Love this and love the entire adventure that was the ‘birthday marathon’!!!

  2. Oooh, I like the arrangement on the 2nd pic!
    Glad to have been of service, thankfully you’re very easy to photograph.

    I’ve decided I really like the sequined top cos of all the bokeh it makes, so if I ever do some non-brand work with a model, i’mma have to get em rockin’ a bit of le sea-queens at some point =)


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