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You know it’s a good coffee table book when you simply can’t put it down. There are no words, just visuals. Addictive, addictive visuals.

I am talking about Andrew Gallimore by Rankin. If you are into make up, can’t leave the house without mascara, are more particular about your contouring rather than your coffee – this book is your new inspo-board.

This is a chronicle of many faces created by Andrew Gallimore – Nars’ make up ambassador, Hunger Magazine’s Beauty-Editor-At-Large – and immortalised by Rankin. I don’t know why some of these looks still haven’t debuted in edgy pop music videos. Iconic status guaranteed.

Like the book itself, which only has a short interview with Andrew towards the end, almost reminiscent of a bibliography section, I will not speak too much about it. It’s a clever tactic by the publisher who is clearly keen on giving art a chance to speak for itself. Sometimes with all of our interpretations, reviews, thoughts we dilute the art itself. What do you remember more: all of Da Vinci’s paintings or the conspiracy theories in the Da Vinci code? I personally just see the Mona Lisa in front of me and a list of thesis stated by scientists and fanatics. Only if I focus my grey cells, then I see more art pieces by Da Vinci. We, the reviewers, journalists, scholars at times tend to put our words on the same pedestal as our subjects. That definitely is not right.

Not this art tome. Here, we shut up and enjoy. Silence and appreciation. I shall leave you to it.

I’d like to thank team Rankin for my copy. You can get the book here too.

Edita reports | Essie x Rankin


Edita at EssiexRankin 1

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Edita at EssiexRankin 3

Edita at EssiexRankin 4

Edita at EssiexRankin 10

Edita at EssiexRankin 5

Edita at EssiexRankin 6

Edita at EssiexRankin 7

Edita at EssiexRankin 9

Edita at EssiexRankin 11

Edita at EssiexRankin 8

If I was to rewind three years or so, and you were to tell me that I would one day shoot with Rankin, I’d probably think you’d gone cuckoo. But thanks to the lovely people at Essie, it actually happened, and the joke’s on me.

To unveil the brand’s latest nail polish collection, Gel Couture, Essie has invited a few bloggers, vloggers and social media competition winners to sport their new shades in front of Rankin’s lens. As I am typing, I am wearing one of Essie’s new varnishes, and the colour certainly has not budged since it was put on a few days ago. The new bottle design reminds me of a twirling skirt or dress, much like that worn by a catwalk model who is about to take the turn after being photographed by the snappers in the pit. Clever.

Unlike actual couture gowns, Essie’s couture offering is attainable, and will be available in all of our favourite UK make-up shops, from Boots (as well as Boots online) to Superdrug. Of course, the classic Essie polishes are not going anywhere, so your favourite shades – hello Ballet Slippers and Liquorice – are here to stay.

Coming back to the photoshoot itself, working with Rankin was a phenomenal experience. Some people just bring out the best in others. Rankin has that very quality, and this is exactly what he photographs: You at your most euphoric moment.

Thank you so much team Essie and team Rankin for having me over.