Tuesday’s Inspiration: Haifa Wehbe

There are quite a few celebs that started out as fashion zero and ended up a style hero.

And the Lebanese-born singer, model and cringe actress Haifa Wehbe is one of them.

Plastic surgeries and colossal amounts of tabloid tales about her life and personality aside, the woman has really learned how to dress well or hired a better stylist through the years.

And this just goes to show that being the best-looking person in the joint is a skill, not a talent – something I keep on repeating.

The reason Ms Wehbe inspires me is because we share a love for Zuhair Murad and Elie Saab, among other designers who concentrate on beautiful embroidery and detailing.

For a bigger dose of Haifa’s style, make sure you visit this very inspiring blog based purely on her clothing.

Meanwhile, drool over these.


Haifa Wehbe in Balmain


Haifa Wehbe In Nicolas Jebran


Haifa Wehbe in Zuhair Murad


Haifa Wehbe in Zuhair Murad Blue

Some particular favourites of mine come from Haifa’s video for 80 Million Ehsas – pay particular attention to the Louboutins in the market place!