For a Hany el Behairy dress…

Hany el Behairy design close up

Perhaps mostly known in the Middle East, Hany el Behairy has stunned crowds with the attention to detail and embroidery his designs display.

During one of his recent fashion shows, which showcased a selection of floaty, shiny evening gowns, I failed to see even one stick-thin model and I have to say that the clothes looked spectacular on them.

While I was not fanatical about the music that was selected for the catwalk show (I later on made use of the soundtrack for my evening jogs), a certain dress left me feeling the following: WANT IT, NEED IT NOW.

To be precise, this is the culprit:

Hany el behairy green dress

The perfect shade of green, the breathtaking embroidery and the sexy asymmetry – I don’t care if an occasion to wear it never comes – I just want it in my wardrobe.

Having revealed a volcano of my emotions about a single dress, it is worth moving on to the designer himself.

Based in Cairo, Egypt, Hany’s designs have become extremely popular amongst Middle Eastern celebs, as the designer mixes luxury with tradition and shine, or as Emirati designer, Rabia Z has coined it: the bling.

Hany el Behairy Dresses

Browsing through the brand’s official website, I find the following quote: Perfection hurts.

The sarcastic bitch within me of course thought: Oh that’s why the models somewhat struggled to carry the heavily (I stress: HEAVILY) embroidered gowns down the catwalk.

However, the fashion loving side totally understood what he meant: I would exercise or diet for months just to squeeze into one of Hany’s gorgeous designs. This might hurt but hey – it’s perfection.