UPDATE Pret-a-reporter gets the The Versatile Blogger Award

Edyta strong eye make up

Apparently I ain’t that bad. The lovely Jeannie Richard have nominated pret-a-reporter with The Versatile Blogger Award. Does this mean that from now on I can get away with inserting “award-winning” every time I refer to my blog?

I highly recommend having a read through their blog and maybe snatching an item of jewellery, carefully crafted by them. The pieces there are pretty awesome.

Meanwhile, I am supposed to reveal 7 random things about myself and spread the award further on, i.e nominate more awesome bloggers.

So here is some good trivial information about yours truly:

  • Most of the time I have very intense and strange dreams. I died in my dreams twice.
  • According to the monthly and yearly Zodiac, I am a Capricorn and a Dragon.
  • My music of choice is rock and metal. I listen to trance only in summer.
  • I only use Chanel lipstick as it is the sole brand that does not give me an allergy.
  • I have been with the boyf for 7 years now.
  • My style icon is my mother.
  • Other men that I love include Humphrey Bogart, Clint Eastwood as well as Stephen King.

I nominate my absolute faves (Jeannie Richard – the award is going back at ya as well – no matter if it’s playing by the the rules or not), in no particular order:

You can follow the tag and reveal 7 random things about yourselves or just snatch the award.

In the image I am wearing one of my favourite make up looks – Cleopatra eyes – as well as classic pearl earrings. If you’d like to know how to achieve this look – let me know, I’ll cook up a tutorial.

UPDATE (10, May, 2011)

The absolutely amazing Jeannie Richard  has awoken pret-a-reporter from its hibernation and put a smile on my face with one more award.

One simply must follow, read and LOVE this amazing and creative blog. It’s one of pret-a-reporter’s faves.

I am in the middle of moving home, so I will start blogging again very soon.

Until we meet again.