Who is the author of this blog?

Hi! My name is Edita and I am a precious metalhead.

While this describes my taste in music, on this occasion it is an ode to my love for jewellery.

I see the history of jewellery as a significant part of anthropology, theology, mythology as well as art and self-expression.

I have a degree in journalism, and I am guided by my curiosity. Pair that with an obsession with jewellery, and you’ve got a recipe for a nonstop stream of articles. This is what started this blog.

What jewellery does this blog focus on?

This blog focuses fine jewellery only. This includes the use of precious metals (gold and silver), precious and semi precious gems as well as antique jewellery.

Yemeni Silver, Yemeni Silver Choker, Bedouin Silver
Lithuanian Jewellery - Amber

Why is this blog called pret-a-reporter?

In the fashion world ready-to-wear collections are called pret-a-porter. Jewellery is ready to be worn, reworn, gifted, passed on and on and on. This is why the blog is called pret-a-reporter, showcasing the longevity of jewellery. Its beauty will continue mesmerising and blowing minds long after we’re gone.

What subjects can I expect from this blog?

I love covering all aspects of jewellery. Jewellery by geography or religion, jewellery history, gemology, gemstone mythology, current jewellery collections, jewellery styling, symbols in jewellery and even the dark side of jewellery such as ghost stories, mourning jewellery or jewellery in witchcraft. Yikes!