The Evil Eye Symbol in Jewellery
Ever had the feeling that you’re being watched? With a bombastic side eye, perhaps? 👁️...
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How Much Should I Spend on an Engagement Ring?
Engagement rings are a big deal. But they haven’t always been. They haven’t always been associated...
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Jewellery Mistakes We’re All Guilty Of
Jewellery materials are often something we’re quite unsure of. We keep our pieces in boxes and cases,...
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How to Style a Brooch?
How can I style a brooch?A brooch is one of those accessories that will either make you look fashion-forward...
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All About Carnelian
The walls of Hampton Court Palace have always had a calming effect on me. Every time I enter the palace,...
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What Jewellery Should I Wear to Work?
Office appropriate jewellery: Should I wear jewellery to work? I have been quite lucky that I have worked...
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The Evil Eye Symbol in Jewellery
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