Edita wears | BassBuds and Methodology X

Edita-in-TK-Maxx-leggings-and-Top,-Nike-shoes,-Aquacustum-jacket,-BassBuds-headphones-4Edita in TK Maxx leggings and Top, Nike shoes, Aquacustum jacket, BassBuds headphones 3Edita in TK Maxx leggings and Top, Nike shoes, Aquacustum jacket, BassBuds headphones 5Edita in TK Maxx leggings and Top, Nike shoes, Aquacustum jacket, BassBuds headphones 6Edita in TK Maxx leggings and Top, Nike shoes, Aquacustum jacket, BassBuds headphones 7Edita in TK Maxx leggings and Top, Nike shoes, Aquacustum jacket, BassBuds headphones 8Edita in TK Maxx leggings and Top, Nike shoes, Aquacustum jacket, BassBuds headphones 2Edita in TK Maxx leggings and Top, Nike shoes, Aquacustum jacket, BassBuds headphones 1
Top and Leggings: TK Maxx, Sneakers: Nike, Jacket: Aquascutum, Headphones: BassBuds 24 Gold Limited Edition (gifted)

Images by Agata Bosak

Friends. Two weeks ago I met up with Dan Roberts, someone who has more experience in personal training and sports disciplines than anyone I have ever seen. He introduced me to his newest e-book, Methodology X, which in theory could turn me (and anyone else) into Captain America and Wonder Woman’s lovechild in three weeks’ time. You guessed it – I am talking about the regime catwalk models go through in order to look good in those million dollar Victoria’s Secret bras.

Allow me to enlighten you. While certain elements of the 90s are in, heroin chic has evaporated. Next time you are flipping through the channels and stumble upon Fashion TV, try to notice that the models of today are a bit more Farrah Fawcett and Jane Fonda of the 80s rather than everyone’s beloved Kate Moss. Blame it on the rise of smuggersise (aka being a show-off when exercising) or the fact that Miranda Kerr and Gisele constantly tweet pictures of them doing sunrise yoga in freaking Honolulu, let’s all face it: being fit is the new being thin.

Now let’s teleport ourselves to Dan Robert’s Kensington studio. After he briefed me about his rather high profile background, he showed me a few amazeballs exercises from Methodology X expecting me to repeat them. Ain’t the latter cute. BUT I COULDN’T DO JACK. Talk about wake up calls. The embarrassing burpees and planks that I managed to do illustrated the highly specialised muscle targets of these excercises – I am talking about waving fare-fucking-well to your love handles, bingo wings, flabby flabs and whatever else might be the problem. These exercises are tailored to the feminine frame and I guarantee you will feel the good pain after every workout.

So will Methodology X help you turn from Robin into Batman within three weeks? That depends if you are Robin in the first place. I personally am not ready to do the exercises correctly as yet and I need a pre-training routine, otherwise I will do a half-assed job which I am not interested in. But I have a strong hunch that the moment I am ready to tick all the Methodology X boxes, I will achieve that Eric-Prydz-Call-on-Me body and be ready to release my own workout DVD. HOLLA.

While working out though, it’s important to block out the world and concentrate on your own awesomeness. Therefore when you are out for a run, jog, cycle, gym or whatever it is that you do for exercise (running for buses and trains totally counts), make sure you’ve got your music with you. These 24 carat gold BassBuds are probably the reason I am half deaf right now. You can’t blame me; hearing every note in every tune is worth it – the sound quality is amazing. I bet my next set of headphones will be a hearing aid but until then, Imma walk with golden ears buds like a BAWS.

PS. Be sure to follow me on Twitter – I will post images of my workout with the painfully awesome Dan Roberts.

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Edita reports | Kristina Goes West Pop-up Store

Edita meets Kristina Goes West 3Edita meets Kristina Goes West 5Edita meets Kristina Goes West 6Edita meets Kristina Goes West 2Edita meets Kristina Goes West 4Edita meets Kristina Goes West 1Edita meets Kristina Goes West
A doughnut necklace which actually smells like a doughnut? Fuck yeah. Gimme.

Now that I got my sentiments out of the way, let’s talk about Kristina Goes West. There are a few reasons the brand is close to my heart. Firstly, Kristina and I both come from Lithuania, secondly we both prefer quality over quantity and thirdly we both support talented up and coming designers.

Kristina Goes West sells a hand-picked selection of clothing, jewellery and accessories (including their own hand-made and customisable leather bags) from Nordic and Baltic designers. This is great as it provides us Londoners with access to brands which we would otherwise have no idea about.

Case in point: Remember that MIMI C. clutch bag? You wouldn’t be able to buy it in London if it wasn’t for Kristina’s site stocking it.

So whenever you have a moment, pop into KGW’s pop up store down in Chelsea and see all the awesome things with your very own eyes. It’s open up until May.

UPDATE: To all the lovely people who asked, I can confirm that the doughnut necklace indeed smells of a vanilla doughnut. There are also chocolate pendants on KGW and yes those smell of choccie. Fact.

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Edita reports | Classics and Rock’n'Roll at Sanctum London

Edita at Sanctum 3Edita at Sanctum 4Edita at SanctumEdita at Sanctum 1Edita at Sanctum 2Edita at Sanctum 6Edita at Sanctum 5Edita at Sanctum 7Edita at Sanctum 10Edita at Sanctum 9Edita at Sanctum 8
Now imagine if I was a venue. Yes, Edita – a venue. It would be something like this: A fashion show in a middle of a metal concert with the crowd being a mix of rockers and stylists. Ok, we can throw in a few cityboys – a man in a suit is a man in a suit, can’t argue. The walls would be adorned with amazing art and vintage guitars. Surely there’s no way one can find such a bipolar place? Yes you can, child, and I found it. There is also nothing bipolar about it.

Sanctum London is my new happy place. I have recently been Classics and Rock’N'Roll event there. It was like someone has been in my head and complied an event theme based on my subconsciousness. Let me clarify. I have been a rock/metalhead since childhood. Thanks dad. I have also been a fashion fanatic since childhood. Thanks mum. Both areas have influenced me as a person and led me to understand that I could never choose just one sphere; besides one of my life’s ambitions is to wear an old trucker’s Iron Maiden tee with some ridiculously girly tulle skirt, full length preferably. This combo would look stellar with a Pritch London butter soft leather jacket, preferably with the same double-chinned woman painted on the back by Stefan Margaritov, who’s my new favourite tattoo artist. You can see his works all over the place, amongst these tattooed on Jared from Hed P.E. – my ultimate treadmill band. There is no band that motivates me more to work out. These are all his paintings in the images, bee-tee-dubya.

So that’s my personality in a nutshell summed nicely up by an event. Thanks Dee Vesali for having me.

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