Edita reports | Introjuicing with Currys

Edita at Curry's Introjuicing with Phillips 1 Edita at Curry's Introjuicing with Phillips Edita at Curry's Introjuicing with Phillips 2Edita at Curry's Introjuicing with Phillips 3Edita at Curry's Introjuicing with Phillips 4Edita at Curry's Introjuicing with Phillips 5Edita at Curry's Introjuicing with Phillips 6

When I entered the Introjuicing event with Currys, I thought to myself, Edita Lozovska, what are you doing amongst these superfit #fitbloggers? You are nothing more than a fashion blogger and your fitness level is most accurately described as tragic compared to the girls.

But what’s a blogger without a challenge?

And so, I changed into my gym gear and put a brave face on. I even managed to fit in. We first listened to a quick nutrition talk by Derry Temple where he spoke to us about the pros and cons of juicing. It was interesting to know that despite me thinking that juicing was the devil and smoothie-making was the healthier choice – it is not quite as black and white. Apparently if you decide to try juicing, you may want to opt for green veggies instead of fruit. The unfortunate reason for it is fructose, which translated to us mere mortals means sugar. Natural sugar but still sugar. That sucks. However, if you are keen on some healthier natch juice, throw in kale, broccoli, rocket and anything else that looks green (and is a vegetable, green gummy bears are not on the list) and you will get a nutritious concoction sans the sugar high.

Juicing is also great for days when you feel sad or just down right pissed off. This is not Derry’s insight, by the way, this is my own tried and tested observation. Hearing that smash-smash-grate-grate sound can be an uplifting experience especially when picturing the reason of your aggression as that broccoli that is getting juiced. Fabulous.

Now that we have covered both the psychological and nutritional benefits of juicing, we can move on to my first ever Body Conditioning experience. I have done Body Combat and Body Balance before but I have never tried Conditioning, so I was a bit apprehensive, considering that I YouTubed it only to find cry-smiling body builders mercilessly completing intense exercises. Cry-smiling means feeling so much pain and discomfort but still smiling because, hey they are getting paid for this video. Luckily, this Body Conditioning class was nothing like my video research. The class was a perfect mix of intense and challenging and I probably will never stop feeling like a failing porn star when doing a set of burpees. The experience was loads of fun because of my fellow bloggers. They were the best bunch ever! Plus – I found out that my fitness level is not tragic after all, more like there is a lot to be desired. And that’s an improvement.

I enjoyed the event so much, our energy could just blow up the room, nay the entire gym. Good thing we used this energy for the greater good. And by that I mean an endless stream of #sweatyselfies on Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks for having me over, Joe Blogs Network & Currys!

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Edita reports | London Fashion Festival

Edita at London Fashion FestivalEdita at London Fashion Festival 1Edita at London Fashion Festival 2Edita at London Fashion Festival 3Edita at London Fashion Festival 4Edita at London Fashion Festival 6Edita at London Fashion Festival 7Edita at London Fashion Festival 8Edita at London Fashion Festival 9Edita at London Fashion Festival 10Edita at London Fashion Festival 11Edita at London Fashion Festival 12Edita at London Fashion Festival 13Edita at London Fashion Festival 14

As soon as you stop believing that fashion has the power to save the day, slap yourself on the wrist.


Because the London Fashion Festival is clear evidence that fashion saves. I truly adored the jewellery, the styling, the dresses, the jumpsuits from London-based talent. My personal favourite was Uma Kangai’s collection. A very defined Spring-Summer line packed with stand-out pieces; romantic but edgy – definitely ready for a prime slot at LFW.

The funny thing was that while I was putting my thoughts together on my way back from the show I actually walked right into Uma. Literally Рit was so hot, my brain was only half active so the only thing I could think of saying was I just saw your designs! (Note to self: What happened to just saying hello, Edita?) After clarifying that I was in fact not a stalker, Uma and I shared a few anecdotes before my descend into inferno Рalso known as the non air conditioned tube.

Other great pieces at the LFF included stunning costume jewellery from Graced London, punchy prints from Omar Mansoor and out-of-this-word jaw-dropping Asian couture – wouldn’t be surprised to see it on the cover of the next Asiana magazine issue.

All of the London Fashion Festival collections I snapped on the day were moments of meditation for me, the beautiful designs took my mind off everything. No wonder we refer to fashion as fairytaleland.

Thanks for having me over at the frow, please keep my seat warm for next year.

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Edita reports | House of Fraser press day 2014

Edita at Hof Christmas press day 1Edita at Hof Christmas press day 2Edita at Hof Christmas press day 5Edita at Hof Christmas press day 9Edita at Hof Christmas press dayEdita at Hof Christmas press day 3Edita at Hof Christmas press day 8Edita at Hof Christmas press day 4Edita at Hof Christmas press day 7Edita at Hof Christmas press day 6

Oh the weather outside is frightful… Because it was a scorcher of a day at the House of Fraser Christmas Press Day last week. With the summer heatwave in full swing all I could wish for was a bikini as I looked at winter party dresses, reindeer decorations, Christmas lights and sparkly gifts.

If you are a House of Fraser shopper, here’s a taster of what’s waiting for you next season: Get ready for glitz, glamour and sparkles. Lots of sparkles – and not only of the champagne variety. There’s a theme for every taste from mystical rural retreat to a socialite’s dream complete with a shiny ballet dancer Christmas tree decoration.

Gentlemen will have a variety of new toys to add to their dapper accessory collections – from an elegantly vintage magnifying glass to Soviet era cartoon looking animals on their cuff links. A mix between childhood dreams and a true gentleman’s charm.

Meanwhile, the House of Fraser woman will dance the night away in a glittering dress or minimalistic jumpsuit. That’s right, it’s either all aboard the Anna Dello Russo express or grab a cab Elin Kling style. Both will score you some serious style credentials.

In summary all I can say is that I feel weirdly Christmas-y this July. It’s a warm and fuzzy feeling. Luckily, it goes great with a glass of cool prosecco.

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