Edita wears | On the streets of Berlin

Edita in Ghost dress, Toga boots and Chanel bag 2Edita in Ghost dress, Toga boots and Chanel bag 4Edita in Ghost dress, Toga boots and Chanel bag 1Edita in Ghost dress, Toga boots and Chanel bag 3Edita in Ghost dress, Toga boots and Chanel bagEdita in Ghost dress, Toga boots and Chanel bag 5

Dress: c/o Ghost, Shoes: Toga, Jacket: Zara, Bag: Chanel, Collar: Vintage Fox Fur and Amber
Images by: Rebecca Cofie
“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”
Ronald Reagan, Former President of the United States, speech at the Brandenburg Gate, 1987

And so they did.

I heard so many different points of view before going to Berlin. Some were praising the city, others were saying it was rather grimy. This made me very curious – what is the mystery behind the inconsistency of everyone’s memory of Berlin? Is it a Vienna kind of city or is it a Warsaw type?

That’s when I saw something that Jack Lang, former French culture minister, noted. He said: “Paris is always Paris and Berlin is never Berlin.” And that’s so true. If I come back in a year’s time, it will probably be a completely different experience – it’s constantly being constructed, reconstructed, deconstructed in a never ending circle. And that’s the beauty of Berlin – a city that’s buzzing yet isn’t as saturated as a beehive. A city that boasts memorable architecture but lacks in equivalents of the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame, the Big Ben.

In fact, the piece of architecture it is famous for is simply not there. And yet millions come year on year admiring this beautiful torn down nothingness.

GIVEAWAY | Win a Daniel Wellington watch

Edita in Givenchy Blouse, Louboutin Heels, Louis Vuitton bag, Daniel Wellington man's watch, Failsworth floppy hat and Beverly Hills Polo Club Jodhpurs 1Edita in Givenchy Blouse, Louboutin Heels, Louis Vuitton bag, Daniel Wellington man's watch, Failsworth floppy hat and Beverly Hills Polo Club Jodhpurs 3

When I was a total newbie to blogging – not that I am a seasoned expert now – Daniel Wellington was one of the first brands I worked with. Now, two years on, I still wear the watch they generously gifted me with. I even share it with the boyfriend, who likes to sport it every now and again. It’s one of our sharing is caring moments.

But here’s another sharing is caring moment. I want one of you to own one. I tried and tested it myself, so I know how much you will like the piece.

How do I enter to win a Daniel Wellington watch?

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You can choose the watch you want – tell me the one you want by posting a link to your favourite in the comment section. This goes for the boys too.

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You have previously very kindly voted for my blog and it won an award as a result. This inspired me and pushed me to come up with more innovative content and gave me access to even more brands and designers than ever before. Keeping up with that pace is important to me.

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Edita reports | Zalando Blogger Awards 2014

Edita at Zalando Blog Awars 2014 1 Edita at Zalando Blog Awars 2014 6 Edita at Zalando Blog Awars 2014 5 Edita-Lozovska-and-Gala-GonzalezEdita-LozovskaEdita at Zalando Blog Awars 2014 3Edita at Zalando Blog Awars 2014 2Edita at Zalando Blog Awars 2014 4Edita-at-Zalando-Blog-Awars-2014-and-PR

The golden hanger award that you see me clutching in the pictures above is the only physical evidence that proves to me one thing: this thing was real. I was in Berlin, I won an award, I flew back.

However, I’d like to write about something different. I mean you probably are aware how grateful I am for this and the last thing you want is me shoving down your throats speeches about how much of an outerbody-experience-like, humbling, tear-jerking this was. And it was all of the above and more.

But it wouldn’t be.

It wouldn’t be if you didn’t vote for me.

It wouldn’t be if you didn’t have a blog to vote for. So I’d like to thank the following trio:

Ming Chan
Agata Bosak
Ahmed Fayed
In that order.

Ming has been there for me since day one. And I mean day one. His first heroic act was giving me his spare Mac book when my laptop broke down. At the time I almost choked with that kind of friendliness and generosity. He saved my digital life. He then went on to saving this blog, over and over and over again. First, by lending his amazing photography skills, then by bearing my extreme meticulousness when rebuilding this blog’s layout. No idea how he had the patience. For that sir, I thank you. Do-tse!

Agata has been there for me since 1995. This is a scary thought as if I was to describe this timeline it would equate to the majority of my life. Once again: the majority of my life. The stunning images you saw of me in Vilnius, Lithuania were shot by her. These include some of my favourite portraits that captured me raw and with my guard down. I don’t think anyone else has managed this since.

Ahmed has been rebelling against this blog since day one. Only because it is of grand importance to me, he’d take me where I say I want to shoot and shoot me from the angles I say I want. I should also add that he HATES photography. And yet, I get press contacts praising the photography skills of my photographer. Heck, I get you lovely people saying what great angles are captured in outfit posts. My eyes are always glowing in his photographs – not sure whether it is because he masterfully catches the right lighting or it is because my eyes generally glow when he is around.

Without them, it wouldn’t be. With them, it is. I am so glad it is.

Edita reports | Meeting Diane von Furstenberg

Edita attends DvF event at VandA 1Edita attends DvF event at VandA 2Edita attends DvF event at VandA 3Edita attends DvF event at VandA 4Edita attends DvF event at VandAEdita attends DvF event at VandA 5Edita attends DvF event at VandA 6

“I’ve never known what I wanted to do but I’ve always known the kind of woman I wanted to be.”
Diane von Furstenberg

Success is when a complicated surname rolls off the tongue around the world without any problems. That is how I define success. And success is how you define DvF.
Diane is a designer who simplified fashion. She took a step back and thought about the three pillars she wanted her designs to achieve. These were:
– To be demure enough to go and see your boyfriend’s mum
– To be sexy enough to turn heads
– To be a flattering and simple go to piece, any day, every day

All of these put together seem pretty difficult to achieve. But perfection is often in simplicity and that’s what Diane reminded us of with the legendary wrap dress.

Speaking to us at the V&A, Diane came across as a witty, no-nonsense business woman who has been through it all. And yet her humour and sarcasm made her look so youthful. I remember one of my best friends saying that people with a strong personality seem taller in real life. Diane’s personality made her eighteen forever and at least six one. She just had that all encompassing energy where she could wrap her arms around you just by speaking to you. A true mentor, a true achiever.

I asked Diane what her advice was on dealing with let downs and failure. I figured the message would be extremely strong coming from a fashion icon. It was. She told me that she was yet to meet a woman who wasn’t strong. According to Diane, in the times of catastrophes or incredibly difficult times it is the women who stand up and carve the way for the better. She firmly said that she had one policy when it came to failure – learning from it, gaining strength from it. And who can argue? Nay. Who dares to?

Journey of a Dress isn’t really a book about choosing fabrics and prints. At first glance it well may be, but if you look deeper it is about the journey of DVF as a designer and as a woman. The dress is almost a by-product of Diane’s experience, of her life, personality and most of all femininity. It is her autoportret.

Andy Warhol may have painted her twice, but it was her who conceptualised her own autoportret which she was, is and will be most famed for. The wrap dress.

“Feel like a woman – wear a dress.”

Thank you to the V&A for having me.