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Edita reports | Zalando Blogger Awards 2014

Edita at Zalando Blog Awars 2014 1 Edita at Zalando Blog Awars 2014 6 Edita at Zalando Blog Awars 2014 5 Edita-Lozovska-and-Gala-GonzalezEdita-LozovskaEdita at Zalando Blog Awars 2014 3Edita at Zalando Blog Awars 2014 2Edita at Zalando Blog Awars 2014 4Edita-at-Zalando-Blog-Awars-2014-and-PR

The golden hanger award that you see me clutching in the pictures above is the only physical evidence that proves to me one thing: this thing was real. I was in Berlin, I won an award, I flew back.

However, I’d like to write about something different. I mean you probably are aware how grateful I am for this and the last thing you want is me shoving down your throats speeches about how much of an outerbody-experience-like, humbling, tear-jerking this was. And it was all of the above and more.

But it wouldn’t be.

It wouldn’t be if you didn’t vote for me.

It wouldn’t be if you didn’t have a blog to vote for. So I’d like to thank the following trio:

Ming Chan
Agata Bosak
Ahmed Fayed
In that order.

Ming has been there for me since day one. And I mean day one. His first heroic act was giving me his spare Mac book when my laptop broke down. At the time I almost choked with that kind of friendliness and generosity. He saved my digital life. He then went on to saving this blog, over and over and over again. First, by lending his amazing photography skills, then by bearing my extreme meticulousness when rebuilding this blog’s layout. No idea how he had the patience. For that sir, I thank you. Do-tse!

Agata has been there for me since 1995. This is a scary thought as if I was to describe this timeline it would equate to the majority of my life. Once again: the majority of my life. The stunning images you saw of me in Vilnius, Lithuania were shot by her. These include some of my favourite portraits that captured me raw and with my guard down. I don’t think anyone else has managed this since.

Ahmed has been rebelling against this blog since day one. Only because it is of grand importance to me, he’d take me where I say I want to shoot and shoot me from the angles I say I want. I should also add that he HATES photography. And yet, I get press contacts praising the photography skills of my photographer. Heck, I get you lovely people saying what great angles are captured in outfit posts. My eyes are always glowing in his photographs – not sure whether it is because he masterfully catches the right lighting or it is because my eyes generally glow when he is around.

Without them, it wouldn’t be. With them, it is. I am so glad it is.

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29 thoughts on “Edita reports | Zalando Blogger Awards 2014”

  1. Ahhhh!!! You’ve been to my hometown! So cool! Looks and sounds like a great event!! What I wanted to tell you: I also watch “Walking Dead”! It’s totally cool. But my favorite Zombie movie is “28 Days Later”. I love Cilian Murphy and Danny Boyle knows how to hit it!!


  2. Congratulations, and what a wonderful dress, with that split, I hope one day I’ll have something with a split as well 🙂

    Good thing those people exist! Thank them from me. I must say your pictures seem so professional – always. It seems you picked the rigth people for that job! Now go celebrate together 🙂

  3. First off how wonderful to have such a great organization in your country. Two and how wonderful to have won an award!! And three…did I read that correctly? I free year of shopping? Now that is the best part of all!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  4. Congratulation to you! You look so amazing and elegant. Don’t stop your blogging career and in wishing continued success… 🙂

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