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Edita wears | Pret-A-Reporter 2013 Look Book


A special thanks to Agata Bosak, Ming Chan and Ahmed el Fayed – the lovely people who didn’t mind looking at me through the lens. 2013 – what a fashionable year, so many new great designers discovered, so many amazing clothing worn.

This means only one thing – it will keep getting better. And so, hello 2014!

Do you have a favourite outfit from the above?

Dopamine Dressing and the Psychology of Jewellery

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65 Responses

  1. Whatever you wear, you combine it with dazzling high heels!
    I wanted to point out a few looks I above all liked, but as there are toomany, I’ll just go for this: they’re all very nice and elegant, and about half of them are really my favourites. Like tha tartan coat and the purple coat. And many others.
    To another year full of stylishness!

  2. So who are those three people you’ve thanked, your photographers – who are they? Boyfriends, friends, cousins, sister in laws, what? Yes, I am a nosy one.:) I really like the shot with the baseball hat behind the fence! That’s the one you have on Twitter right? I almost didn’t recognize you there, but it’s you, it’s really you! You’re lucky you’re that versatile…

    Hope the new year’s been treating you kindly these past few days.;)

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