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Edita, mum and grandma 3 generations of pret-a-reporter

Edita wears | 3 Generations Of Pret-A-Reporters

Edita, mum and grandma 3 generations of pret-a-reporterEdita, mum and grandma 3 generations of pret-a-reporter 1Edita, mum and grandma 3 generations of pret-a-reporter 2Edita, mum and grandma 3 generations of pret-a-reporter 3Edita, mum and grandma 3 generations of pret-a-reporter 5Edita, mum and grandma 3 generations of pret-a-reporter 6

We’re all wearing Vintage Couture and Family Jewellery
Images by Agata Bosak

I am certain, I made attempts at writing posts such as the one you are about to read numerous times. They remained just that, drafts. They weren’t good enough. Neither will this one be. This is coming from a writer whose prose and poetry has been published in two books, from a first class journalist, from an award-winning blogger. All of these titles should suggest that I should probably know what I am doing. And yet, when it comes to delivering my true feelings towards my family, in particular my mother, words abandon me.

I am the most difficult person I know to love. I will miss calls, hang up the phone, roll my eyes, make no attempts at pleasantries and most of the time I only pretend I am listening. You get it, I can be a bit of an asshole. While the whole world may (and certainly should) turn their backs and get offended at such behaviour, my mother will still forgive and incessantly teach me what’s right and what’s wrong. To her I will never be a lost cause. It’s this relentless confidence and love of hers that puts me aback every time. How can she persevere despite all the walls I keep on building? Talk about emotional bulldozers.

Patience of a saint, humour of a child and decisions of an adult – all of it, my mother. A multi-tasking mystery. A symbol of strength. A style icon. A friend. The annoying voice that will tell me to get off my high horse only to put me back on it in times of her undying pride for my achievements.

I am glad that words abandon me, I am happy that I will never stop trying to perfect a serenade such as this. It is not meant to be written much like a mother’s love is not meant to be defined. Ever.

I wrote this article to celebrate Mother’s Day with Great Rail. While you are here, say hi to my mother and grandma. Now you know where my love for jewellery comes from. As far as I am concerned grandma can be a poster girl for Dolce&Gabbana’s newest collections and mum’s a true Versace woman. I am yet to find me. Peace out.

Dopamine Dressing and the Psychology of Jewellery

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  1. Me han encantado las fotos, son preciosas. La idea de que salgais las tres me ha parecido impresionante. Son increibles de verdad 🙂

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