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Edita wears | The Backless Dress

Edita in Vintage dress, Fur coat, Schuh heels, Glitzy Secret bracelet and Swarovski necklaceEdita in Vintage dress, Fur coat, Schuh heels, Glitzy Secret bracelet and Swarovski necklace 1Edita in Vintage dress, Fur coat, Schuh heels, Glitzy Secret bracelet and Swarovski necklace 2Edita in Vintage dress, Fur coat, Schuh heels, Glitzy Secret bracelet and Swarovski necklace 3Edita in Vintage dress, Fur coat, Schuh heels, Glitzy Secret bracelet and Swarovski necklace clutchEdita in Vintage dress, Fur coat, Schuh heels, Glitzy Secret bracelet and Swarovski necklace 4
Dress: Vintage via Rokit, Fur coat: My mum’s, Shoes: Schuh, Bracelet: Glitzy Secrets, Clutch bag: MIMI C, Necklace: Swarovski
Images by Geoff Slaughter (also known as one of my besties)

Ah yes, the good old Christmas party at work. I indeed wore that dress and this was truthfully the location of our office’s do. This does not mean that I am okaying for everyone to roll up to their office parties in backless dresses clad with fur coats. So Edita said it was ok is not an excuse. There are a lot of things that partywear is going to depend on; from what kind of people you work with to your own personality.

My colleagues not only know of my blog, they are following it and also encouraging it. In fact, a lot of my posts would be impossible without the warmness from the people that I work with. This means that they are mentally prepared on a daily basis that I am likely to wear something unorthodox at any moment. Some even voice disappointment and criticism if it’s a kind of blah fashion day from me, which I love. Mindless compliments are not my thing and have never been, so I’d rather a “you look like shit today” instead of “awww, that’s a nice rip on your denim”. So a quick recap: people I work with are ace and are totally calm about my backlessness. Got it? Got it.

But now let’s talk about advice; after all, I am trying to be helpful here, which is why I kicked off with a word of caution. But let me cover the general basics that you probably know of anyway, but seeing as this is a “what to wear to a work party” article, I have to tick some boxes here at least to appear as a legit style blogger in-the-know.

Right. A whole array of stylists will tell you to never wear red to an after-hours office do as it screams, as they suggest, desperation. Same goes for figure-hugging styles and those that reveal too much flesh. Ahem. There is also a general consensus that what used to be the go-to option, the LBD, has also become as boring as fuck. Next, over-doing it with the glitter and sparkles brings the look closer to Vegas hooker chic, and wearing printed dresses can potentially be a day-to-night outfit but may underline the wearer’s laziness to bother to change clothes.

Before you panic and think, what the hell is left for one to wear, here’s a quick exercise we both can take part in. Let’s stand up, breathe in, breathe out (rolling out a matt and striking the down-dog yoga pose is optional) and ask all of these rule-makers to kiss our backsides.

Do these fashion experts know the kind of office environment you are in and have they personally profiled the people you work with including your CEO and MD? No. So this means, my friend, you are on your own as they have no idea what your work life looks like, therefore cannot possibly suggest a dress that’s right for you. These sorts of advice pages are redundant even before they are written.  Just like those about wedding guest attire.

So what CAN you DO?

Evaluate your situation. Where will your party take place? This can give you some direction. The bowling alley? A grand ballroom? A cocktail bar? Once you find out, google the place and take inspiration from the decor. It seriously works.

Ask around. Oh hi, have you thought what you are wearing, colleague A? Why yes colleague B, I am wearing this and that – what about you? Oh, this is fun, let’s discuss ideas over lunch. Cool, it’s on me. See? That was easy. Your co-workers can help and often their advice will be much better than that of field experts simply because they know the rules in your office.

Use common sense. You have a great dress that fits like a dream? So what that it is 10 years old? You have no problems and you shouldn’t be even reading this. A good fitting dress is a timeless find.

And stop being so indecisive. We both know that you KNOW what you want to wear and don’t really need any “insider” advice. If it looks good, feels good, just wear it. Over-thinking it kills the fun.

Happy Christmas office parties, folks!

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  1. Luxurious and pretty outfit! you look great. You have a nice blog, let me know if you want to follow each other to stay in touch. I’ll follow right back. Have a great day & Happy Holidays !

  2. I love backless dresses and I LOVE that clutch…sparkly perfection! I agree with what you say about office party dressing, stuff the ‘rules’! That’s great your colleagues are so supportive, I still haven’t told a soul about my blog!
    By the way, love your last post you look so amazing! And don’t be worried about your glasses, they look fab on you xxx

  3. Well you look great! Very retro. And I am suer no one minded.I thought about wearing leather leggings and a faux fur vest but think I am going to wear a sliver skirt, black tights and sequined jacket.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  4. You look absolutely stunning! I would like to invite you to MY office party if I would ever throw one! The peach colour dress flatters your complexion so well and I love all the accessories and make up as well!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog recently! I really appreciate it!
    Let me know if you want to follow each other 🙂
    Keep in touch~!

  5. I’ve never had a real Christmas party so I have no idea what to wear this year, nor what to expect. I think we’re having dinner and drinks so I think my winter green repro vintage dress might do

  6. It seems an excellent outfit and you look super glamorous. Especially that pink backless party dress, swarovski necklace and mimi c clutch is fantabulous. I also <3 that golden lamp!



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