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Edita wears | 7 Reasons to Wear Black

Edita in Zaful, Lipsy, Versace, Eugenia Kim and Ultimo 3

Edita in Zaful, Lipsy, Versace, Eugenia Kim and Ultimo 1

Edita in Zaful, Lipsy, Versace, Eugenia Kim and Ultimo 9

Edita in Zaful, Lipsy, Versace, Eugenia Kim and Ultimo 2

Edita in Zaful, Lipsy, Versace, Eugenia Kim and Ultimo 7

Edita in Zaful, Lipsy, Versace, Eugenia Kim and Ultimo 5

Edita in Zaful, Lipsy, Versace, Eugenia Kim and Ultimo 8

Edita in Zaful, Lipsy, Versace, Eugenia Kim and Ultimo 4

Body: Versace, Harness: Ultimo, Trousers: Lipsy, Kimono: c/o Zaful, Heels: Boohoo
Images: Ahmed Fayed
Where there is white, there will inevitably be black. Like ying and yang, good and evil, dreams and nightmares. But why has the colour black earned such a deviant reputation?

To begin with, black is not a colour – it’s the absence of it. In scientific terms, colours are how our eyes perceive light, making white a colour and black – a void, an emptiness. Think about it, when the lights go out, it all turns to black.

So why black is so alluring to wear? I was reading a number of studies on why some people chose to wear exclusively black. If you opened their wardrobes, you’d find a few classic white shirts gobbled up entirely by a black hole. That’s not a portal to another dimension, but a path to a different state of mind. Let me elaborate. To a lot of people wearing black means focusing on themselves rather than the clothing. They see themselves beyond trends or fashion. Driven, hardworking and astute – going for coal coloured clothing is a sign of sophistication and complete confidence.

Come to think of it, there have been days when I was keen on skipping the small talk and focusing purely on the matter. I definitely wore black. Putting my own experience against the findings of these psychological studies does highlight one thing – black certainly put the b in business.

7 Reasons to Wear Black This Autumn

  1. It’s a sudden confidence boost. You’re not standing out because you are wearing a loud colour. You are standing out because of your intelligence, vocabulary or just general awesomeness.
  2. It’s the perfect canvas for jewellery. If you want your statement jewellery to take centre stage, wear black.
  3. Wearing black is everyone’s favourite weight loss trick as it visually slims you down. Besides, everyone knows diet is die with a t.
  4. If you have an important meeting or conference, wearing black will help you command attention and demand authority without doing anything.
  5. Keen on a day to night look? An LBD for day, an LBD with extra eyeliner for night. Done.
  6. Confusing dress code? Wearing black will mask your confusion and emphasise the fact that you’ve completely nailed your outfit for the occasion.
  7. People start thinking that you are boring and conventional? Apply a black lipstick Kylie Jenner style and see who’s talking now. Hint: Your lips.

Last time I was wearing all mint.

Dopamine Dressing and the Psychology of Jewellery

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42 Responses

  1. Oh yes!
    Black is the color that gives you such huge amount of body confidence. My black high waisted skinny jeans are always saving the day, doesn`t matter where I go – they look classy, elegant, stylish, sporty etc – depends what I combine them with.
    Weight loss is another thing. Everyone is using this method and I am kind of happy about that – women can be more confident about themselves and you can see more faces with a big smile.

    Really enjoyed this article! Thanks!


  2. Hahaha, I love reason #3 diet is die with a t. How funny is that. Edita you look beyond beautiful, this is (again) one of my all-time-favorite. Girl you are stunning beautiful, you know that, don’t you.

  3. I’m not fond of black in that block black makes me feel dull and boring.I do think it works best with lace and textured material and patterns of course but plain black isn’t my thing

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