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Edita wears | Aquae Sulis

Edita in Bath 6

Edita in Bath 2

Edita in Bath 3

Edita in Bath 1

Edita in Bath 5

Edita in Bath 14
Edita in Bath 4

Edita in Bath 8

Edita in Bath 9

Edita in Bath

Edita in Bath 10

Edita in Bath 13

Edita in Bath 12

Dress: Vintage, Jacket: Vero Milano, Pumps: London Rebel, Scarf: Valentino
Images by Ahmed Fayed
Bath is one of those cities that has a different aura to it. It is unlike any city I have ever been to. It’s dancing to its own beat.

You have probably heard of Bath because of its natural springs and a number of spas; it’s interesting to know that these types of springs appear nowhere else in the UK.

Known to the ancient Romans as Aquae Sulis, Bath architecturally is truly unique. The city’s buildings have a healthy mix of Georgian aesthetic with an added Roman classicism.

Although quite small, you can walk around Bath forever. Circle after circle, you notice something new each time, starting to like elements you have felt indifferent about before. You discover yourself as you delve deeper into Aquae Sulis.

Cities that make you feel this way are definitely worth returning to.

Dopamine Dressing and the Psychology of Jewellery

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  1. gorgeous dress color and scarf ! I loved this post; it was nice to see those photos of Bath! I’m always looking for new places to travel to. hope we may keep in touch dear. 🙂


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