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Edita wears | The Red Beach Dress

Edita in Kiomi red dress, Tmart hat, Givenchy necklace and Chanel earrings 5Edita in Kiomi red dress, Tmart hat, Givenchy necklace and Chanel earringsEdita in Kiomi red dress, Tmart hat, Givenchy necklace and Chanel earrings 1Edita in Kiomi red dress, Tmart hat, Givenchy necklace and Chanel earrings 3Edita in Kiomi red dress, Tmart hat, Givenchy necklace and Chanel earrings 2Edita in Kiomi red dress, Tmart hat, Givenchy necklace and Chanel earrings 4

Dress: c/o Zalando Kiomi, Necklace: Givenchy, Earrings: Chanel, Hat: c/o T-mart
Images by Maheen

You might have noticed I started adding locations to my blog shoots – this is so that I could log the places I’ve been shooting in, and for you guys to know in case you wanted to take your cameras there or perhaps simply visit it.
As I carelessly left my footsteps on the sand, I thought to myself that there was no other place where I’d rather be and no other dress I’d rather wear. For some reason a red beach dress has become a classic. Should we blame SJP and her red meets coral Halston Heritage piece, when she was artfully contemplating life whilst walking on a sandy shore in SATC2? While that scene may have added a boost to the red dress dream (and Halston Heritage sales, duh), the crimson-fabric-in-the-wind look has always been a bit of a fantasy to any fashion follower. The contrast the colour red brings to the otherwise serene view consisting of calming shades of blue, beige and yellow is just to seductive to ignore.

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Dopamine Dressing and the Psychology of Jewellery

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77 Responses

  1. Beautiful photos. I love that dress, it looks so comfy and what a great summer hat! You look stunning.

  2. This dress is gorgeous!! But what caught my eye is the nail polish! So beautiful!!!


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  3. Wow, you look absolutely stunning in this elegant red dress, the photos are amazing! Thanks for sharing your opinion with me, I just coulnt bring myself to post a picture of her, too too unclassy! Wishing you a warm and wonderful weekend!

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