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Edita wears | Snowshill Manor & Garden

Edita-in-Vintage-Dress,-Hunter-Boots,-Zara-leather-jacket-and-DKNY-scarf-1Edita-in-Vintage-Dress,-Hunter-Boots,-Zara-leather-jacket-and-DKNY-scarf-4Edita-in-Vintage-Dress,-Hunter-Boots,-Zara-leather-jacket-and-DKNY-scarf-2Edita in Vintage Dress, Hunter Boots, Zara leather jacket and DKNY scarf 3Edita-in-Vintage-Dress,-Hunter-Boots,-Zara-leather-jacket-and-DKNY-scarf-5Edita-in-Vintage-Dress,-Hunter-Boots,-Zara-leather-jacket-and-DKNY-scarfEdita-in-Vintage-Dress,-Hunter-Boots,-Zara-leather-jacket-and-DKNY-scarf-6

Boots: Hunter, Dress: Vintage, Jacket: Zara, Scarf: DKNY

Fashion’s great and all. But let’s talk about Snowshill Manor. What if I told you that this huge Tudor style house and garden was bought by a fellow who never lived in it. Instead, he lived in a small hovel-like cottage next door. In a small box bed. Why? Because this Tudor mansion housed his humongous collection of stuff. That’s right stuff. Things. Items. No particular order.

Sounds like a serial hoarder? Perhaps. For you see, the man I am talking about is Charles Paget Wade. He obsessively collected hand-made, artisan items including masks, dresses, bicycles, carriages, instruments, furniture, shoes, dolls and EVERYTHING else. It was his attempt to save hand-made things during the factory boom and make sure people don’t forget that crafted with love is much better than just mass produced. This is where he and I agree on. Where he and I don’t agree on is living in a box bed in a hovel NEXT to a grand mansion. But we’ll agree to disagree mainly because Wade’s been dead for almost sixty years. Yet he deserves to be admired because he was a man of passion and followed his dream until he achieved it. That’s why Snowshill manor is so unique.

Now let’s talk about British countryside style. People thought I was marginally insane when I wore rubber boots back in Eastern Europe for activities that didn’t include mushrooming or fishing. In Britain, however, rubber boots are a must. You have to have a pair of Hunters. This of course made me amazingly happy as I find Hunter boots a classic. In my mind they go with everything – take this floral vintage dress and leather jacket. Hunter boots will look equally stylish with denim, skirts, trousers, trench coats (yes, you Burberry nude trench), Barbour jackets and everything in-between.

Come to think of it, I remember seeing quite a few models of boots in Wade’s eclectic collection. Perhaps love for good quality boots is another thing we have in common.

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  1. I love my Hunter Wellingtons and wear them a lot whatever the weather and I often slip my Wellingtons on when I go to work or in to town on a sunny day, I find them both comfortable and smart and seeing you wearing your Wellingtons in the sunshine has really made my day.

  2. Wow lived in hovel and kept his wonderful belongings in the mansion. People never cease to amaze me. Haha lived in Seattle for decade I get the rain boot thing! They look great with this look. And thank you for the kind words on my blog.

    Allie of ALLI NYC formerly Dressing Ken

  3. You look stunning. Love how cool you styled this beautiful floral vintage dress. These Hunter booties rock but I can imagine that people in Eastern Europe think you’re insane haha (of course you’re not). They wear mini skirts and heels when it’s snowing outside and -20 degrees. Yes I have seen it with my own eyes 😀

    xx Mira

  4. Yup, he sounds positively kooky.:D But I love kooky, so I like story and I’d love to see the mansion for myself too! And the sheep!! Those two look so frigging adorable, I’d just want to hug and smooch them, but I’m sure they bite.:) Yes, wellies go with everything and they look really cool, but this part of Europe still hasn’t caught up with these unfortunately… All good things take time, isn’t that the saying?:)

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