Edita wears | Precious Moments
I have been offline for a while. Did I fall into blogger oblivion? Have I had an epiphany to completely...
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Edita wears | Suited Up
Blazer: Hush, Trousers: Alice by Temperley, Harness: Boohoo, Heels: BCBG Images by Ahmed FayedWearing...
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Edita wears | Ladylike
Coat: c/o Louche from Joy, Boots: Prada, Scarf: Valentino, Bag: Louis Vuitton, Fedora: Primark Images...
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Edita wears | Popcorn
Skirt: Karen Millen, Jumper: George, Boots: H&M, Coat: Zara, Glasses: c/o GlassesShop.com Images...
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Edita wears | Pret-a-Reporter 2016 Look Book
What a colourful year it has been! Here’s to an even more vibrant 2017! Thank you for being...
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Edita wears | Winter Boho
Dress: Modanisa, Vest: Vero Milano, Boots: Toga, Hamsa Bracelet: c/o ChloBo, Watch: c/o Jord Watches Images...
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