Jade and Nephrite: What Is The Difference?
Emeralds are cool, but what if you’re feeling a pastel vibe right now? Oh hi, jade just entered...
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The Figa Sign in Jewellery
Want to wear a low-key profanity on your neck without looking vulgar? Step aside middle finger, go back...
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Tips on Jewellery Shopping In Turkey
Buying jewellery in Turkey So, you’re in Turkey. Seduced by the tasty food, the seemingly stunning...
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Garnet Jewellery: Between Darkness and Light
Garnets are a bit of an underdog of the gem world. It’s diamonds this, rubies that, sapphires here,...
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Baby Blue Gemstones That Are Not Turquoise
Alternative Blue Gemstones to Turquoise If you are like me, you wear a lot of turquoise. I vowed to break...
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How to Style a Brooch?
How can I style a brooch?A brooch is one of those accessories that will either make you look fashion-forward...
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