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Chanel lipsticks in (from left to right): Superstition, Charisma, Adventure, Flirt, Enjouee, Sari d’Eau, Fatale and Ballet Russe
Images by: Agata Bosak

I don’t often do beauty-based posts because while some people are Grammar Nazis, I am a Beauty Brand Bully and CAN hurt feelings of those who deem themselves to be precious. I know only ONE person in this world who is as adamant as I about what she would never slap on her face and that is my mother. I would knowingly distribute goods of brands that I somehow got but would never use to others or just chuck ’em away. The reason of my brutal and ruthless ways? An allergy that I have acquired by being open-minded about beauty brands. Never again. Ever.

Alas, there is only one lipstick brand that I have come across that does not trigger a ridiculous allergy on my lips. That is Chanel. This is why I stock up on this brand’s shades like crazy. I often get asked about the lipstick shades I wear in my outfit posts – so I assumed this post will sum them up quite nicely. I came to realise that lipstick is one of the best and cheapest outfit accessories out there, as every shade can alter an outfit completely; from oh you look cute to OMG THIS IS AWESOME.

Do you have a favourite lipstick shade?

Edita in Chanel lipsticks



  1. Hah, I like the gif!
    I never wer lipstick. With red lipstick I look like a hooker, and overall I seem to lack the confidence you need for wearing it. But I hope to wear it when I’m older – it seems that lipsticks becomes more apprpiate once you’re no longer a teenager. Somehow.
    This post proves though that lipstick doesn’t always have to be ‘in your face’. You kinda make me want to wear it now… :)

  2. You look gorgeous in them all! I got my very first Chanel lipstick this Christmas and now I wonder if I’ll ever go back to using drugstore lip colours again…it’s love! xxx

  3. You can get an allergic reaction on the lips??? Ok, I guess you could. But what happens, your lips swell up, they get red, they itch?? Whatever happens, that has to be a bitch… I don’t like to wear lipstick anyway because you have to constantly re-apply, it’s just too much hassle, but I love how lipstick looks on other people! And on you, darker shades look really seductive and vampy on you!

    P.S.: You have to tell me which GIF program you’re using!! Erm, you don’t have to do anything, I’m asking you.:) Pretty please, tell me which GIF program you’re using.:D

  4. The good: The lipsticks are quite pigmented overall, and I didn’t have to layer them a zillion times to get solid, opaque color–this is really the standout feature of these lipsticks. They have a light vanilla scent to them when you first open, so I think most people will be pleased with the scent. The darker shades leave a stain behind, which may or may not be what you want (you may not want slightly blue-tinged lips for a day later, but you might enjoy a pink stain!).


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