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Edita wears | Thigh High

Edita in Madame Rage, SheIn, HM, Chanel and Abbott & Mosley 5

Edita in Madame Rage, SheIn, HM, Chanel and Abbott & Mosley 4

Edita in Madame Rage, SheIn, HM, Chanel and Abbott & Mosley 9

Edita in Madame Rage, SheIn, HM, Chanel and Abbott & Mosley 6

Edita in Madame Rage, SheIn, HM, Chanel and Abbott & Mosley 2

Edita in Madame Rage, SheIn, HM, Chanel and Abbott & Mosley 7

Edita in Madame Rage, SheIn, HM, Chanel and Abbott & Mosley 3

Edita in Madame Rage, SheIn, HM, Chanel and Abbott & Mosley 12

Edita in Madame Rage, SheIn, HM, Chanel and Abbott & Mosley 1

Edita in Madame Rage, SheIn, HM, Chanel and Abbott & Mosley 14

Edita in Madame Rage, SheIn, HM, Chanel and Abbott & Mosley 8

Edita in Madame Rage, SheIn, HM, Chanel and Abbott & Mosley 11

Edita in Madame Rage, SheIn, HM, Chanel and Abbott & Mosley 10

Edita in Madame Rage, SheIn, HM, Chanel and Abbott & Mosley 13

Dress: c/o Madam Rage, Coat: Shein, Boots: H&M, Bag: Chanel, Watch: c/o Abbott & Mosley
Images: Ahmed Fayed
Lord knows I wish I had a boyish figure, especially when it comes to my legs. I thought if I worked out, my thunder thighs would miraculously transform into elegant, Twiggy-esque pins. Instead I got the Britney thigh muscles and I felt utterly disappointed with my body. And I do understand that most people would kill for Britney muscles.

So my thigh journey continued. I lost a lot of weight and started looking skeletal, minus the thighs. They still thundered on, no matter how ridiculously small I turned myself into.

So I started option number 3 – 50s A line skirts and maxi skirts. I figured as long as no one can see my gross thighs, who can prove they are as bad as they are in my mirror? It’s like if you partied with the Kardashians, and didn’t snap a selfie with them – did it really happen?

Of course, sticking with option number 3 was starting to get hard in summer months and it made me feel extremely self-conscious. Any brand that approached me to model or blog for them would get radio silence from me as I was petrified they’d ask me to wear something above the knee. I still remembered the chills I’d get at the thought of that.

This all of course started at a single comment that perhaps I shouldn’t wear that skirt and that “if I worked harder on my legs, one day I could allow myself to try a mini skirt”. Don’t get me wrong – this comment is all I still hear in my head as I look at the images above. All I can see are thunder thighs and how my legs are awful compared to someone else’s. Anyone else’s, for that matter.

We all see our selves in different ways. Had I not mentioned what’s going on in my head, I doubt anyone would notice my legs or even think to comment on them.

So what has pushed me over the edge and drove me to face my fear of going for such a scandalously thigh revealing look? Being annoyed at myself that I had become a victim of a comment, of someone’s view, of someone’s dislike of my body part for 27 years. It had to end one day, right?

Wrong. A step like this is winning the battle – but the war still rages on. I’ve learned to be better to myself and distance myself from constant self criticism. Waking up everyday and feeling nothing but fixated on how disappointed I feel about my appearance is not a good way to start a morning. So this is what I started doing to boost my self esteem:

  • I stopped buying clothes that are too big for me. They made me feel smaller. Do I need to feel smaller? Nope. I need to feel comfortable. If not that, then just fabulous.
  • I stopped being fixated on my thunder thighs. This was really hard. But the second I let them be, I started feeling free. I suddenly remembered why I loved fashion and outfit creation.
  • I switched my mindset. So what that someone doesn’t like something in me? Do I have to follow suit and dislike myself? Of course not. Plus, I am surrounded by people who have zero problems with my legs. Or any other body part.
  • I faced my fear. Although I still have to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to be where I want to be in terms of feeling self-conscious, it was a step in the right direction. A few more mini skirts or daisy dukes – and perhaps I will get there.
  • I focused on happiness. Spending time with my boyfriend, friends and eating carbs made me happy. So I did just that, and I still do.

A massive shoutout to Abbott & Mosley. This brand brought that luxury feel to relatively affordable watches. Marble faces, beautiful leather straps and rose gold dials all made this particular watch true Instagram candy, not to mention lust-worthy accessories.

While I have your attention, a wink to Madam Rage, who sent me this dress. It inspired me to stand up and face my fears and self-consciousness. If that’s not a good dress, I don’t know what is.

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27 Responses

  1. 艢wietne s膮 te buty! Ja nie mam niestety n贸g idealnych, cho膰 ci膮gle nad nimi pracuje i uwielbiam wszelkiego rodzaju kozaki, kt贸re 艣wietnie ukrywaj膮 to, czego nie chc臋 pokaza膰.

  2. I think you look gorgeous in those boots! I guess we all want what we can’t have. I have more of a boyish figure but it seems no matter how many butt exercises I do I have a curve limit. But you’re right – it’s more important to feel comfortable and happy in your own skin.

  3. I am so glad you chose to shows us these lovely shots, dear. I have always enjoyed those gorgeous thighs of yours so much, they often bring me such excitement! Here I just kept wishing for one shot without the boots. Even though they are cool, I was dying to see (and dreaming about) what the view was without them. Proved very enjoyable 馃槈 So gorgeous!!! Kisses

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  4. Hands down to your for facing your fears! I think you look gorgeous as usual and the boots are so chic with the rest of the outfit. I have no idea what that comment came from and I have no idea how you can hear it as you look at the photos. But the sad truth is often though that there is a minority that is stupid enough to point out things they don’t like about others that only underlines the insecurities one already has. And it ends up being only you that can see/hear the things you’re uncomfortable with. Whilst the majority has no idea what is going on! You look so good and even after you’ve “pointed out” what you don’t like, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Off to something else, hello eyebrows on fleek! Xx

  5. I would like to join the people who have zero problems with your legs. Seriously, they are gorgeous and I can’t believe someone said something so mean to you… This just proves how awful people can be to each other. Everything about you looks fabulous, especially your thighs!!

    Bella Pummarola

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