Edita wears | Pret-a-Reporter 2015 Look Book

Edita in 2015 15

Edita in 2015 4

Edita in 2015 17

Edita in 2015 7

Edita in 2015 11

Edita in 2015 3

Edita in 2015 16

Edita in 2015 18

Edita in 2015 5

Edita in 2015 10

Edita in 2015 19

Edita in 2015 14

Edita in 2015 12

Edita in 2015 8

Edita in Carrera glasses, Happiness Boutique necklace, vintage dress, Vero Milano and Nike 10

Edita in 2015 9

Edita in 2015 1

Edita in 2015 6

Edita in 2015 2

I had a quick peek at my previous year’s look book. There I ended on saying that I was nominated for an award at the UK Blog Awards. I complete this year having won it. Something I still struggle to believe.

What a phenomenal year 2015 has been: full of outfits I have never even dreamed of wearing – and I ended up rocking them! My personal moment of epicness was definitely going to LFW in an evening dress and sneakers. I loved it so much, I did it twice.

This year, I was lucky enough to shoot in Frankfurt, Bath, Edinburgh, the Lake District, Oxford, Rotterdam, Verona – each a magical place.

I can’t wait to see where 2016 takes us. Thank you for being here. Thank you for loving it, thank you for hating it.

Just throwing a few links out there: here is the 2014 look book, and if you are feeling sentimental, here’s 2013 too.



  1. Wow GF, absolutely congrats!!!!! What a year 2015 has been for you. I love all of your looks (there are so many good ones, how inspiring!) I can’t wait for another year of watching you and your incredible outfits. Congrats again on your award, that is definitely CELEBRATION worthy – I hope you treated yourself 😉 Happy 2016 to you my STYLISH friend!


  2. You’ve had such a stylish (and very, very well photographed!) year – I can’t wait to see your content throughout 2016 :)



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